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CognitionX’s mission is to drive innovation in, and deployment of, AI by making expertise universally accessible, levelling the playing field for the millions of organisations who don’t have access to strategy consultants or advisory boards.

Join our AI advice platform and connect to a global, on-demand network of AI experts including tech specialists, business people and academics.

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London: the AI Growth Capital of Europe

The CognitionX report for the Mayor of London

6,500 Attendees – 300 Speakers – 7 Main Stages

The Festival of All Things AI, Blockchain and Emerging Technology

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What We Do

Artificial intelligence could add £232bn to the UK economy by 2030. Although the opportunity AI presents is huge, it is complex, fragmented and moving at a relentless pace. In response, CognitionX’s community and platform aims to bring clarity. It does this through Workshops, a Community of AI thought leaders and a Premium Membership service, all powered by our fast-growing Knowledge Engine.

AI Orientation Workshops

Companies crave a way to truly understand AI and what opportunities exist for them. To meet this demand, we offer a programme of workshops – ranging from high-level orientation for board directors to basic introductions for larger teams. Our Workshops and Advisory Services provide practical use cases for AI, guidance around who to work with and insight into the regulatory and ethical risks. If you’d like to hear more, sign up here.


With over 11,000 members, CognitionX’s community of AI thought leaders is one of the largest in the world. We have hosted over 60 meetups in the last 18 months, attended by over 4,000 business leaders. Plus, our first annual AI conference, CogX, attracted 1,300 attendees in 2017. Next year, CogX 2018 is expected to be more than twice as big. Check out our Events home page to stay in the loop.

Premium Membership

Our research service is current, comprehensive and exclusively focused on AI. Across 19 different verticals, from Financial Services to HR, we provide in-depth monthly updates on your topic of choice. Not only this, we offer priority access to meet-ups, discounted tickets, and our CogX 2017 reports and videos. Premium Membership starts at £100 per month. Take a look at the membership options here.

Knowledge Engine

CognitionX’s insight is powered by our proprietary software platform. This tracks AI-related resources, technologies and people, including over 10,000 AI products. As a result, our analysts aren’t just equipped to give clients the best possible advice, they have the entire industry at their fingertips. If you’re interested in accessing our Knowledge Engine, please submit an application here.

CogX 2018

The Festival of All Things AI

11th – 12th June 2018 | London

Blogs and News

About Us

CognitionX was launched in 2015 and is headquartered in London. Its mission is to bring clarity to the complex and fast-paced world of AI. Founded by Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub, the company has grown into a 30-strong team of data scientists, researchers and event professionals. In June 2017 CognitionX launched CogX, a conference for AI’s best and brightest, which attracted 1,300 attendees and 100 speakers over two days.

Our Founders

Charlie Muirhead

CEO & Founder

Charlie is a serial entrepreneur, having founded 8 startups including 3 IPOs & 2 trade sales. In 2000, Orchestream floated on the LSE & NASDAQ with a market cap of £1 billion before being acquired by Oracle.


Tabitha Goldstaub

Co Founder

Tabitha is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded the video distribution company Rightster. Enroute to a successful exit in 2015, Tabitha was acknowledged as one of Media Week’s 30 Under 30, and The Evening Standard’s Silicon 60.


Some of Our Advisors

Azeem Azhar    

Founder Exponential View

Esther Dyson     

Founder, EDVenture

Hermann Hauser     

Founder of Acorn Computers, ARM Holdings & Amadeus Capital

Ben Laurie     

Founding director of The Apache Software Foundation

Max Lousada  

CEO, Warner Music UK

Shiva Rajaraman     

Product at Apple (Previously Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, Google

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