100 of the best data visualisations in journalism. Issue 65: CognitionX Data Science, AI And Machine Learning Daily Briefing


Ann Whittaker co-founder at Rethink Robotics nicely describes robots as “employee multipliers.” Let’s hope so…Check out today, Fanuc joins forces with Nvidia and you can read up on who Google, Foxconn and GE are acquiring and view the CB insights full periodic table all below.Happy Monday

Tabitha ‘UntilTheBotsMultiplyMe’ Goldstaub

Feed your mind over lunch

What is hardcore data science – in practice?

Mikio Braun is delivery lead for recommendation and search at Zalando, one of the biggest European fashion platforms.

In this article he perfectly outlines the typical anatomy of an architecture to bring data science into production. The key concept he explains is that such a system needs to constantly adapt and improve and can only be achieved by keeping data scientists and developers togther. He notes, this “requires more software engineering skills from data scientists, or at least support by engineers who are able to bridge between both worlds.”


Data visualisation

100 of the best data visualisations in journalism

Github user moklick collates what he thinks are the best examples of data journalism and visualization projects. A great list of people to follow if you need more viz fixes.

Literally made my weekend – such a delight to see the media using data to tell stories like this. I couldn’t pick one to share, they all highlight incredbly important facts that often go un noticed because they are badly explained.


Pure, unadulterated research

Asynchronous methods for deep reinforcement learning

This is a big deal as will allow larger, more complex deep learning models to be trained in a reasonable time frame using non-top end computers.


Another example of robots taking human jobs

Algorithmic culture combined with human style and taste

Michael Bhaskar author of Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Excess, writes eloquently in The Guardian about the hybrids: rich blends of human and machine curation that handle huge datasets while going far beyond narrow confines to create the perfect harmony.



The business of robotics

Ann Whittaker is the co-founder and vice president, people & culture at Rethink Robotics. Her past affiliations include MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


Industrial robots are getting smart

Fanuc, a company that produces robot arms for factories, announced a partnership with Nvidia for trying to get the robots to learn on the job.


The periodic table of robotics startups

CB insights has put together a handy infographic listing robotics startups


Interview with a Robotics specalist – Ann Whittaker

Ann Whittaker is the co-founder and vice president, people & culture at Rethink Robotics. Her past affiliations include MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


Education, training and advice we rate

MIT has made 23 artificial intelligence lectures available for free
MIT course: 6.034 Artificial Intelligence as it was taught by Professor Patrick Winston in Fall 2015 is now available. I really like the “Right Now Talks” which offer students a view into what’s happening in today’s research projects.


Business Impact of AI

Every time he speaks we listen

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen talks to Timothy Lee at Vox about how AI is ready to change the world


Deal of the day

Ebay has aquired visual search engine Corrigon

Corrigon’s state-of-the art visual search technology enables fine grained product detection within images. Some say $30m was a bargain. Watch this space.


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