2075 90% chance we’ll have human-level AI Issue 55: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


We are very excited for Hermann Hauser’s talk this evening – What is Intelligence?

To get prepped we’ve been reading MIT’s report from Bostrom an Oxford philosopher who surveyed 4 different groups of leaders in this space. It looks like a consensus that there is a 50% probability that human-level AI will be attained by 2040 and a 90% chance it will be achieved by 2075. A baby born this year would be 59!

When do you think we’ll see human-level Artificial General Intelligence? Come and debate in the Hermann Hauser event forum on the CognitionX new community platform.

The best questions will be posted to Hermann in the Q&A


Tabitha ‘HER’ Goldstaub

Business Impact of AI

Investing in AI offers more rewards than risks

By 2018, robots will supervise more than 3 million human workers; by 2020 smart machines will be a top investment priority for more than 30% of CIOs. Read why AI is the future of computation and the price of not investing in AI.


Impact on the Economy

The AI revolution 19th century redux

The 4th industrial revolution triggered by AI could potentially weaken the middle class and lead to an even more divided society. A new working class might emerge, universities could become obsolete and we could witness the return of unions.


Audio for your journey home

Listen to the first complete pop song composed by AI

Earlier this week Sony CSL Research Laboratory unveiled the first-ever pop song written by AI. The song is called ‘Daddy’s car’ and was composed by using a huge database of sheet music with songs in varying styles. Can’t wait for the soons to come AI album.


Pure unadulterated research

Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs

A cautionary tale: These researchers reverse engineering popular model classes including logistic regression, neural networks and decision trees to duplicate results.


Something to get involved in

Improve your coding while playing computer games

Codingame started an AI multiplayer contest called ‘Hypersonic’. The contest is eight days in duration and free for everyone. Prices include: a video projector, massage & heating racing chair, contest paintings and merchandise.


Education, training and advice we rate

Machine Learning Theory – Part 2: Generalisation Bounds

GitHub use Mostafa Samir published his second part of a series titled “Machine Learning Theory”, in which he goes into detail about generalisation bounds, the measure of how precise an algorithm is able to predict the outcome values for previously unseen data.


Stats that impress

AI reads mammograms with 99% accuracy

A team from the Houston Methodist Research Institute have developed AI software that analyses mammograms with 99% accuracy. Their algorithm is expected to greatly reduce current rates of false positives.


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