9.55m daily U.S. Pokémon Go users. How many UK? Issue 8: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

Inspired by the thought “In the future you will own nothing and have access to everything.” We focused today’s briefing on access to learning. You’ll see a Github repository of over 40 Deep Learning tutorials, a video which simply explains Deep Learning and a very in depth look at using Spreadsheets that blew my mind. Oh and access to Pokemon – challenge to you all to predict how many people in the UK are playing.

In the spirit of the sharing economy and owning nothing – please do submit your own articles, either one you found or wrote and we will credit you in the daily briefing: http://www.cognitionx.com/newsletter-contribution.

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CognitionX Events

Lovely meeting you all

20th July 2016

Was such a pleasure to get 50 people from the community together at last nights event. Big thank you to Hugo Pinto from IBM. Hope you expanded your mind, met some like minded people and are a little more ready to rock the data science world.

If you’d like to join us at one of our future networking events, do sign up here.

Feed your mind over lunch

We’ve already seen it with Spotify and Netflix, one of our team even admitted this morning to never having owned a piece of music. Spotify and Soundcloud are more than enough and offer a vast amount more music than the equivalent expenditure would buy you with albums and singles.

The ‘Sharing economy’ as it’s called has allowed this trend to move to physical items like homes with Airbnb and cars with Uber. The trend is continuing, and we at least are hopeful that it’ll make our lives better

In the future you will own nothing and have access to everything

Education, training and advice we rate

This Github repository of over 40 Deep Learning tutorials as well as slides to go with them takes you on a comprehensive journey towards Deep Learning expertise.

Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet?

20th July 2016
• channel9.msdn.com

One out of every ten people on the planet uses a spreadsheet and about half of those use formulas. In this video Jenny Bryan presents her work on extracting tricky data and formula logic out of spreadsheets. Her goal is to create a more porous border between R and spreadsheets. Target audiences include novices transitioning from spreadsheets to R and experienced users who are dealing with challenging sheets.

Video killed the Radio Star

Deep Learning simplified – thank goodness

20th July 2016
• youtube.com

Are you overwhelmed by overly-technical explanations of Deep Learning? If so, this series will bring you up to speed on this fast-growing field – without any of the math or code.

Deep Learning simplified - thank goodness

Ethics questions of the day

Not so far in the future, your doctor might prescribe playing a few games in virtual reality to ease aches and pains, rather than popping a pill. Read more about AppliedVR.

Data Visualisation

Where do Creatives Cluster in the UK?

20th July 2016
• nesta.org.uk

Around 1.9 million people work in creative occupations across the UK, which is approximately 6% of total employment. But where do these creatives live? Check out Nesta’s map, it’s not what you’d have thought.

Where do Creatives Cluster in the UK?

Business Impact of AI

DeepMind cut power usage in the Google data centers by several percentage points, which is a huge saving in terms of cost but, also, great for the environment. I’d say more useful than beating a computer game.

Stats that impress

4.3 million (iOS) + 5.25 million (Android) = 9.55 million total daily U.S. users for Pokémon Go

First prize for the person who can follow the logic Recode used to guess how many users in the UK are playing 🙂

How many people in the US are actually playing PokemonGo?

Deal of the Day

Slack’s got a brand new Bot

20th July 2016
• businessinsider.com

Slack’s recently-launched $80 million VC fund has invested an unspecified amount in chatbot company Automat.

Automat allows brands and influencers to communicate with their customers, fans, and employees by using a mixture of mobile messaging, artificial intelligence, and chatbot technology.

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20th July 2016

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