A Look Behind the Curtain – Examining the Science Behind AI in HR

On Tuesday, 10th April at CognitionX HQ in the heart of London, industry experts, HR professionals and academics gathered to discuss the analytics and AI behind psychometrics used in AI products for HR.

Though cognitive recruitment and the use of AI to implement cognitive recruitment is not a new topic, understanding the science and analytics driving the product is a new area of interest to HR professionals.

David Doyle – Managing Partner of Forestreet and Robert Newry – Founder and Managing Director of Arctic Shores presented how they are using science and research to help HR professionals use data to improve their decision making.

David outlined how analytics drives better HR decisions and Robert demonstrated the importance of using academic-based science to develop products – or we might start hiring pirates instead of data scientists!

From the presentations, the discussion went on to the ethics of AI and how we can use human intervention to govern AI decisions. The conversation focused on research and experience with testing AI powered recruitment systems by those in attendance. The discussed their experiences, the positives and some negatives. This looped the discussion back to the importance of governance of systems.

Concerns generally focus on the impact of bias – is the data being used likely to create more bias in the future? If we manipulate the data to reduce what is perceived as being bias, what consequence will that have? Will it create new bias?

Other questions that were raised included:

What will the future market of AI products for HR look like? The changes are happening so fast with such a confusing landscape, what will the next 5 to 10 years bring?

The skills gap is growing amongst HR professionals regarding knowledge of the science behind these tools and the skills required to implement, manage, and work with the technology. How can we help HR professionals develop these skills in the future?

With so many AI products making claims about their capabilities and results, a confusing landscape has emerged which can be difficult for HR professionals to navigate. How can we help the industry to understand and thrive in this space?

Megan Marie Butler

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