Accelerate your cyber-security startup Issue 56: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


It started with plants that were not intelligent enough to run away from cows and quickly moved on to monkeys, humans and then machines as Hermann Hauser elegantly explained to the community *What is Intelligence* at last night’s event.
By the end of the talk I believe we left agreeing it’s all about being able to “set goals,” I won’t paraphrase any more as you can watch the whole talk here.
NB: first draft, quality will be improved.

What do you think intelligence is? Come along to the Forums and discuss with the rest of the community.


Tabitha ‘Ähnlichkeitserinnerung’ Goldstaub

Something to get involved in

Are you a cyber-security startup?

Wayra and GCHQ, the signals arm of British Intelligence, are launching a groundbreaking initiative with the aim to support cyber security startups. If you are interested in applying for the programme or know any top quality cyber security start-up that might, find more information and how to apply here.



Using deep learning for drug discovery

The development of new drugs can be extremely time consuming and expensive. BenvolentAI, a UK company, wants to fix this by utilising cutting-edge chemical modelling algorithms to discover ways to treat serious diseases faster. In addition, it’s the first company in Europe to use Nvidia’s DGX-1 computer and they need you to name it! The great advantage is that deep learning can find previously unseen correlations and create and test hypothesis extremely quickly.


Feed your mind over lunch

The rapid evolution of open-source ML

We recently launched our CognitionX community platform and Alex Housley, CEO of Seldon, created an interesting article on the development of open source Machine Learning. “if you look closely enough artificial intelligence has always been open-source, and open research and development is a core reason why AI is where it is today.”


Products we love

A place to share and discover creativity is a platform that brings together creative AI projects, bots that pain, write stories, compose music, you can find all kinds of cool stuff here.


Impact on the Economy

3 industries that will be transformed by AI, ML and Big Data

Traditionally, new technologies transform industries. As the cost for implementing AI and Big Data technologies is dropping, more and more companies are going to adopt the new technology. Among the industries that will be transformed are Healthcare, Finance and Insurance. Find out why and how.


Education, training and advice we rate

How convolutional neural networks work

Convolutional neural networks are very often mentioned when we hear about deep learning breakthroughs, but how do they work? GitHub user brohrer created an easy to understand blog post with a video that helps you understand the ideas behind CNNs.


Facebook Research releases CommAI-env

CommAI-env is a platform for developing AI-systems, that can be used for training and testing AI systems. The goal of the platform is to provide an environment in which Learners can be trained, from scratch, to be able to fully interact with human through language. CommAI-env has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other test AI systems, for example the focus is entirely on communication-based tasks, where all communication takes place through a common bit-level interface between the Learner and the environment.


Coding experiments

Generating faces using neural networks

Convolutional Networks can be used to generate chars, tables and cars. Very interesting because the network seems to be able to learn concepts about 3D space and the structure of the objects it’s drawing. Watch how the same technology is used to generate faces. Some of the results are pretty horrific.


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