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It will come as no surprise that investing in any business is a huge risk and can be terrifying at times. We all want to identify the businesses which will truly change the world. But identifying the right start-ups is a perennial problem for potential backers and often that’s because it’s not always clear what we should be looking for. An industry like AI is moving quickly so that what may be a great investment one day is a bad choice the next. AI is also complex, fragmented, global and is therefore intimidating for many potential backers. Anything which helps to solve this will be very welcome.”
William Tunstall-Pedoe, Entrepreneur & Founder, Evi (now Alexa)

Navigating the complex and expanding Artificial Intelligence technology market is harder than ever. CognitionX has launched the “AI Invest” subscription to help investors improve their understanding of the AI sector before they invest.

Investment into the UK’s tech sector is at an all-time high, attracting £2.99 billion in 2017. CognitionX aims to to boost investor confidence in UK AI investment. This will help move AI forward, drive innovation and deliver lasting real impact.

Membership to “AI Invest” includes:

  • Access to all CognitionX research content – including AI in HR, Chatbots, and new topics as they are released – which explore the potential of AI across global industry, society and the economy.
  • Monthly member-only meet-ups to network and meet fellow investors as well as AI start-ups and SMEs.
  • Receive monthly reports into AI developments.
  • AI experts 1:1 who can provide advice and share their knowledge of the sector.
As the UK continues to be at the forefront of the emerging global Artificial Intelligence sector, access to seed capital is critical to early stage deep tech startups as they refine their research and go to market fit. But it’s vital for the future success of investors, and the start-ups themselves, that when investment is made, it’s done with good knowledge of the industry. The success of UK tech relies upon this. It’s great to see CognitionX step-up and make the connection, giving investors more qualified AI deal flow while giving early-stage AI companies better access to much needed capital.”
Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech Nation

To support this service, and to further help drive investment into UK AI, CognitionX has also launched the CogX AI investment syndicate on AngelList to enable members to co-invest with relevant and reputable investors in the best startups in the AI market.

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London: The AI Growth Capital of Europe

Download our first research paper examining London’s AI startup eco-system and get the following insights:

  • What is AI and why is everyone talking about it?
  • Who are the 750 startups are offering AI solutions and what do their products do?
  • Which industries and applications are AI startups making most progress?
  • Who are the leading investors in AI, and what are some of the lessons learned from other investors?

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