Amazon’s $2.5 Million Prize Issue 59: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


A lot going on today, IBM agreed to buy Promontory, Baidu and Nvidia announce they are ready to take over the self-driving car game and Amazon is running a competition to create the best chatbot (I bet it will be a CognitionX community member who wins the $2.5 Million).

If that isn’t enough! for you – read how data science proves Mercedes as the most popular ride in the Hip-Hop world.


Tabitha ‘Hustler4Life’ Goldstaub

Something to get involved in

The Alexa Prize – Amazon

Amazon just announced a competition with a $2.5 Million prize. The competition is focused on creating a social bot, that converses coherently and engagingly with humans on popular topics and news events for 20 minutes. The Alexa prize is focused on university students, who want to accelerate the field of conversational AI.


Feed your mind over lunch

Why Deep Learning is suddenly changing your life

Deep neural networks have been around for a very long time, but why are they becoming so popular right now? The impact of deep neural networks on our everyday life, how they work and their history.


Ethics question for the day

Sam Harris, can we build AI without losing control over it? TED

Sam Harris, neuroscientist and philosopher, talks about the ethical issues concerning AI.

“We’re going to build superhuman machines but we haven’t yet grappled with the problems associated with creating something that may treat us the way we treat ants.”


Pure unadulterated research

Image compression with neural networks

Data Compression is used everywhere on the internet to make sharing content you want quick and efficient. Google Research did some further research on data compression using neural networks, exploring whether ML can deliver better result for image compression like it did for image recognition. They also released their compression model via TensorFlow so you can experiment with compressing your images.



Baidu and Nvidia partner to build a platform for self-driving-cars

The partnership will focus on using AI to develop a computing platform for self-driving cars. The open platform will be used by Baidu to offer self-driving Taxis in China.

“We’re going to bring together the technical capabilities and the expertise in AI and the scale of two world-class AI companies to build the self-driving car architecture from end-to-end, from top-to-bottom, from the cloud to the car,”


Education, training and advice we rate

Graph Convolutional Networks

This is a brief overview of recent developments in the field of graph convolutional networks and the strengths and drawbacks of various approaches.


A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

A great intro, with lots of visualisation to make it easier for you to understand the techniques and concepts. You will create a ML model that distinguishes homes in New York from homes in San Francisco.


Deal of the Day

IBM buys Promontory

IBM ageed to buy Promontory Financial Group, a consultancy so influential it has been dubbed the industry’s “shadow regulator“. IBM’s Watson will be used to address risk management and compliance issues at banks, with the goal to find potential problems and suggest solutions.


Coding experiments

Riding dirty – the science of cars and rap lyrics

I think everybody knows how much rappers love their cars. From the Benz, Cadillac, ’64 to the Bugatti. But what is the most popular ride in Hip-Hop? Find out with the help of data science!


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