DLD Special: CognitionX Monday Briefing

So many great questions asked and fascinating thinkers sharing. We especially enjoyed Vita Activa’s panel “Thoughts On The Future of Work” with Reinhard Kardinal Marx, German Conference of Bishops Yonca Dervisoglu Brunini, Google, Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford Martin School, Janina Kugel, Siemens, moderated by Dominik Wichmann, DLD.

Today we are hosting a panel at DLD: “Fixing Education for the A.I. age“and will be picking up on some of the things these brilliant speakers raised.



A.I. Is the New T.A. in the Classroom

Rose Luckin, professor of Learner Centred Design at
UCL Knowledge Lab, focused her research on A.I. in Education (AIEd) for over 20 years. In this article she proposes a scenario  where A.I. is designed to support, not usurp, teachers.


A String Quartet Concert, With an A.I. Assist

Sight Machine combines image-making and A.I. technology: the avant-garde string quartet will play a concert while Paglen’s own A.I. mapping system projects machine-generated images of the musicians behind them in real time.
Paglen programmed code, akin to surveillance A.I. algorithms, which processes a live video feed of the performance to create “images of what a particular algorithm is ‘seeing,’” he says, which in this case is the musicians’ movements.

Something to get involved in

Social Care Robot Challenge launched for UK Robotics Week

The new Social Care Robot Challenge is a national co-operative venture that will bring together UK experts from both academia and industry to advance the integration of robots into healthcare – including services designed to support older people and those living with long-term health conditions. The Challenge runs from now, and will culminate in a daylong public presentation of collaborative learnings in Central London on Friday June 30, 2017, during UK Robotics Week itself.


The Google Brain team looks back on 2016

The Google Brain team’s long-term goal is to create more intelligent software and systems that improve people’s lives, through both pure and applied research in a variety of different domains. And while this is obviously a long-term goal, they take a step back and look at some of the progress their team has made over the past year, and share what might be in store for 2017.

Future of mobility

Vegas Puts First Self-Driving Bus to Work on U.S. Public Street

A small autonomous bus called an Arma is running a short route along Las Vegas’ Fremont Street, marking, according to transit operator Keolis, the first time a self-driving bus has moved passengers on an American public road.


Image Recognition Software finds a role in construction safety

Engineering News-Record
(ENR) explores how to deploy A.I. in risk monitoring. The system developed by Smartvid.io flags safety hazards in construction photos and video. A year ago, the developer began marketing a product designed to tag and index frames in videos uploaded to its system. The tags are based on image content and prompted by cues from audio narration during the shooting.


What happens when algorithms design a concert hall? The stunning Elbphilharmonie

The auditorium is a product of parametric design, a process by which designers use algorithms to develop an object’s form. Herzog and De Meuron used algorithms to generate a unique shape for each of the 10,000 gypsum fiber acoustic panels that line the auditorium’s walls like the interlocking pieces of a giant, undulating puzzle.


How big compute is powering the deep learning rocket ship

In this podcast, Greg Diamos, senior researcher at Baidu, discusses building computer systems for deep learning and A.I. Diamos has long worked to combine advances in software and hardware to make computers run faster. In recent years, he has focused on scaling deep learning to help advance the state-of-the-art in areas like speech recognition.

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