DLD Special: CognitionX Sunday Briefing

Our newsletter today focuses on the conversation started by Prof. Joanna Bryson on the ethical issues around building robots on reddit, the latest acquisition of Maluuba by Microsoft, and what the creator of the Android system is planning to do with his new company.

Ethics question for the day

AMA with AI researcher Joanna Bryson

Joanna Bryson, professor of CS at the University of Bath, has dedicated decades to study the ethical and technological issues around AI. In this AMA she raised some interesting questions, like ‘will robots reach a state of self-awareness to which we will be obligated to accord rights?’ or ‘would owning a general AI with wants and desires make you a slave owner?’.

Deal of the day

Microsoft acquires deep learning startup Maluuba

Maluuba is a Montreal-based company with one of the world’s most impressive deep learning research labs for natural language understanding. Maluuba’s expertise in deep learning and reinforcement learning for question-answering and decision-making systems will help Microsoft advance their strategy to democratize A.I. and to make it accessible and valuable to everyone — consumers, businesses and developers.

Tools of the trade

Android’s creator is building a high-end smartphone to be the centrepiece of a series of AI-infused consumer gadgets

Rubin, creator of the Android operating system, is planning to marry his background in software with AI in a risky business: consumer hardware. Armed with about a 40-person team, filled with recruits from Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Rubin is preparing to announce a new company called Essential and serve as its Chief Executive Officer.

Exciting opportunities

DEEM: 1st Workshop on Data Management for End-to-End Machine Learning

Amazon and Matroid will hold the first workshop on Data Management for End-to-End Machine Learning (DEEM) on May 14th, 2017 in conjunction with the premier systems conference SIGMOD/PODS 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina. DEEM brings together researchers and practitioners at the intersection of applied machine learning, data management, and systems research to discuss data management issues in Machine Learning application scenarios. They’re soliciting research papers that describe preliminary and ongoing research results and are also looking for reports from industry describing end-to-end Machine Learning deployments.

Business Impact of AI

3 ways business leaders can use AI ethically

The rise of AI and machine learning is resulting not only in new ways of doing things, but also new challenges for leaders. But what are the things we need to think about with AI to get the most of it, not only for our organisations but for our people?


Robots can now 3D print..themselves

University of Oslo is developing a system that can 3D print customised robots. Their system produces unique robots designed for a specific task. Then, a simulation determines which robot has the best specs for that task. Specs of the winning robot are then sent to a precise 3D printer for production. One day robots could be building robots to complete any given task.

Chat Bots, yadda yadda yadda

IBM on how to create your own Watson-powered chatbot

By harnessing the power of the cloud and cognitive computing, you can open up your chatbot to countless creative applications. IBM introduces a few simple steps to let you enable your chatbot to understand what users are asking, recognise their intent and tone, detect their location, and start with these prebuilt scenarios to create your own IBM Watson-powered chatbot.


How to combat overfitting in deep learning using dropout

Deep learning can be prone to overfit a given problem. This is especially frustrating given how much time and computational resources are often required to converge. One technique for fighting overfitting is to use dropout. Dropout is the method of randomly selecting some neurones in one’s network to set to zero during iterations of learning. The core idea is that each particular input in a given layer is not always available and therefore not a signal that can be relied on too heavily.

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