Today has seen news of history teaching chat bots, grocery delivering drones and a guide to building your own deep learning machine. Too much for a Friday? Kickback and watch Short Circuit.

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Chat Bots, yadda yadda yadda

A Cretaceous era predator with a walnut brain, what a great candidate for a Chatbot

National Geographic UK have made a T-Rex Chatbot, Tina. A very high-brow article here with great quotes such as “I was was doing something very childish: trying to trick an AI to talk about poop.” Joking apart, you can get a feel of how chatbots really are going to be taking over and/or augmenting all areas of life, from education such as this, to other areas we’ve covered before like History and government interaction

Data Visualisation

The top programming languages right now.

IEEE puts a few lists together ranking the programming languages we know and love. If you’re looking to learn a new language and need help choosing it may be helpful to compare the ‘trending’ tab, the ‘jobs’ tab, and the ‘open’ tab, which is a measure of how popular the language is on open-source forums. As well as all this there is the IEEE Spectrum list putting all these together.


Amazon slowly taking over the skies (and our lives)

The CAA has given Amazon permission to start testing a few features on their drone fleet in the UK, features which will be essential for a large fleet of drones making deliveries to be viable. Collision avoidance, one pilot operating multiple drones and out of line-of-sight operations all need to be thoroughly integrated and rock solid before we can expect to see a drone delivering the milk you forget to buy in the shopping. We’re going to be super excited when that day comes though nevertheless.

Education, training and advice we rate

Build your own Deep Learning Machine

Roelof Pieters, a Data Scientist at the KTH in Stockholm rights a well rounded guide as to how to build your own Deep Learning machine. Perfect for if you’re trying to get started with Deep Learning or even upgrade your current rig.

TL;DR GPUs and Cooling, lots of both.

Exciting Opportunities

Get in touch if the following data focused roles below suit you or people in your network

Chief Data Scientist for a new marketplace startup
Growth Hacker at a new startup
Marketing Exec at a new startup
Co Founding CTO at an Agri Tech Startup
Data Engineer for Image Processing startup


Alison Lowndes, Deep Learning Solutions Architect & Community Manager at Nvidia Ltd

And another Congratulations to July’s techUK Big Data Hero Alison Lowndes who TechUK interviews about her outlook on the future of the Big Data industry. A nice and positive interview saying a lot of things that resonate with us, and we hope with you too.

Deal of the Day

Technically the Non-Deal of the the Day. Hinkley Point C, Oh Deary Me

The plug has been (temporarily) pulled from what was supposed to be the future of Britain’s energy supply. Hinkley Point C, the next generation of Nuclear Power, which looked all but set to be built by a Sino-French consortium yesterday after EDF decided to go ahead. News came out this morning however that Number 10 was stopping its backing of the project, most likely because of the price for the power produced, but we’ll find out in time. There is a vast amount of both proposition and opposition in the UK to the project for many different reasons, we do find the great Robert Llewellyn’s take on the situation quite interesting.

Weekend Watching

Short Circuit

1986 ‘Number 5 is alive.’ Cutesy creation Johnny 5 was an experimental US military robot which got struck by lightning, gained a sense of free will and escaped.

We hope you guys all have a good weekend and thought you could do with this film to make it even better 🙂

What’s a Book?

Something a bit more in our comfort zone at least, an E-book

Going Pro in Data Science. A good book to check out if you’re, well looking to go pro in Data Science and you’re thinking of trying something new and/or exciting. Let us know how you found it if you do get round to reading it.

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