Elon Musk has a Master Plan and it’s going to affect you. Issue 9: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

So excited waking up to Elon Musk’s new Master Plan. Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage, expand the electric vehicle product line to address all major segments, develop a self-driving capability that is 10x safer than manual via massive fleet learning and enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it. Check out the industry’s reactions in the links below. Coupled nicely with the other articles in the briefings today including – Who do you blame when a robot breaks something? and Microsoft being told by the French government to to cut back on the data it collates – how will Elon Musk manage questions like this?

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Dinner Talk

Elon Musk’s New Master Plan

21st July 2016
• tesla.com

Elon Musk just released his second Master Plan, following on from his first which he released 10 years ago. There are hints here of delving deep into the Data Science world with what he calls ‘Fleet Learning’. He says that Tesla will remove the ‘beta’ label from their Autopilot product when it is 10 times as safe as the average US driver… so not that hard then.

Some more articles and opinions about this here if you’re as interested as we are:

Elon Musk's New Master Plan

Ethics questions of the day

What should the legal status of robots be?

21st July 2016
• robohub.org

Who do you blame when a robot breaks something? After the European Union announced last month that there were plans to class robots as ‘electronic persons’ bloggers and website have tried to establish what robots should legally be classed as. This article explains the main legal issues surrounding robots including the issues of liability and whether we make robots just, ethical, moral, or some combination of the three. After all “it is morally right to disobey an unjust law”.

What should the legal status of robots be?

Another example of a “robots taking humans jobs”

Computer says no?

21st July 2016
• firstpost.com

Meet J.A.R.V.I.S. This AI is Just. A. Rather. Very. Intelligent. System. and it or something like it is going to decide whether you can borrow money or get insurance in the future.

Chat Bots, yadda yadda yadda

Speak with Archie Berwick, the Tasmanian known by the Anzacs for writing extensive diaries of his WWI experiences. As part of many centenary projects to try and help us living in the 21st Century understand the war, such as the WWI soldiers roaming around the UK earlier this month, this bot aims to help personalise the experiences of those that fought, lest we forget.

He’s in France now but you can ask him about anything you want.

A real-time (100 years later) conversation with a WWI soldier

Education, training and advice we rate

Check out the Crunchers, Guides, Advisors, Predictors, Tacticians, Strategists, Lifters, Partners, Okays and Supervisors.

I love how each one sounds like a person, Chris Pehura has done a great job of listing and explain the categories of algorithms. We’d love to hear if you agree, disagree, got a better categorisation?

A must watch for anyone looking into High Performance computing, especially using Python. A very valuable resource from an interesting Python Project.

The complete playlist of seminars at the SciPy 2016 conference from last week in Austin, Texas

Business Impact of AI

A year since release, Windows 10 is collecting a liberal amount of data from its users, to say the least, and the French data protection authority has told Microsoft to cut back. This news should all be viewed with the context of a new EU-U.S. data transfer pact which will be open to companies as of the 1st August. Microsoft has said they are willing to sign up to it but watch this story as it develops.

The data is being used to serve unsolicited targeted ads to users and is very similar to the ruling the authority gave to Facebook back in February.

Coding Experiments

London hotels have the worst reviews

21st July 2016
• monkeylearn.com

We all have a bit of civic pride in our own cities, hence why a slogan such as I♥NY can become so popular. This blog from monkeylearn.com gets hotel reviews from seven world centres of tourism (NYC, Paris, London, Bangkok, Madrid Beijing and Rio) against each other and uses algorithms to try and tell if people had a positive experience. Take a look and see if your city did well (we may not be so happy about London’s performance though)

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21st July 2016

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