Are you in the European Machine Intelligence Landscape? Issue 51: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing just got acquired by Google, who will be next? See below Project Uno’s AI Landscape. It’s wonderful to see companies from our community in the list, you make us who we are.

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Tabitha ‘MarketLandscape’ Goldstaub


The European AI Landscape

Research group Project Juno released a comprehensive European AI landscape, highlighting the talent, expertise and innovation of Europe’s AI technology pioneers.Congratulations everyone in the landscape ….and especially congratulations to those in our community. Keep on keeping on 🙂


Deal of the Day

Google acquires

Google just acquired, a startup that provides tools to developers to build conversational bots. Their APIs handle speech recognition, intent recognition and context management. According to Google, 60,000 developers have built bots with’s toolset.


Etsy buys Blackbird Technologies

Etsy bought Blackbird Technologies, a startup focusing on natural language processing, image recognition and analytics, in an effort to improve their search function.”Leveraging Blackbird’s technology, we believe we can enhance the buyer experience by making search quicker and easier and by surfacing even more relevant, tailored product recommendations,”


Feed your mind over lunch

Three challenges for AI in healthcare

The three challenges that have plagued past efforts to use AI in medicine are: the label problem, the deployment problem, and fear around regulation. In medicine, training data is based on human lifes unlike e.g. images. Secondly, research results are not enough, a path to deployment is crucial. Thirdly, entrepreneurs fear healthcare because it’s highly regulated.


Ten myths about Machine Learning

Pedro Domingos, professor of computer science at U. Washington, talks about what AI can do and what it cannot do, and common misconception about Machine Learning.


Business impact of AI

When ML redefines your job you are going to like it

ML will have a tremendous impact on businesses of all sizes. It will unfold the human potential, because unlike humans, machines do not get tired and can run constant calculations. Humans are constantly overwhelmed by the growing influx of customer data, AI provides a tool to manage it. They can identify the most important data so we can use it effectively.


Education, training and advice we rate

ML – Master the essentials course

There is a new course on edx offered by the Columbia University, that will teach you all the essentials of ML and algorithms. You will learn supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, probabilistic and non-probabilistic viewpoints aswell as optimization and inference algorithms.


Products we love

This self-driving car smiles at pedestrians

When you stand at the crosswalk and see the car approaching, you probably try to make eye contact with the driver so you can cross safely. Semcon’s “Smiling Car” concept gives you a smile when it detects you and it’s safe to cross.


Impact on the economy

Self-driving cars backed by US government

The US government is betting that highways will be safer with more cars driven by machines and not people, because unlike people machines do not get tired and are less prone to making mistakes.

“We envision in the future, you can take your hands off the wheel, and your commute becomes restful or productive instead of frustrating and exhausting,”


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