It looks like our phones are going to make decisions for us. Are we now getting replaced by our own smartphone? Also in this issue: Industries where deep learning is driving innovation, Facebook’s SharpMask technology for image segmentation and Google’s TensorFlow model for text summarization.

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Data Visualisation

Using a genetic algorithm to draw electoral maps

Genetic algorithms are used to find solutions to complex problems. Read how the author applied this technique on the ongoing presidential elections in the US.


Feed your mind over lunch

13 Big Industries where deep learning is being used to innovate

Deep learning has a wide range of use cases such as: predicting weather patterns, detecting tumor cells or fraud detection. From Healthcare to Aerospace, see how different industries utilize the groundbreaking technology to drive innovation.


AI and The Future of Smartphones

Who could imagine a life without their smartphone? One of the most useful tools to be ever created. The next step is to integrate AI to transform the smartphone from a passive tool to an engaging partner, that helps with and even makes decisions for us.


Education, training and advice we rate

Using Spark on very large neuroimaging datasets

Read how the author performed Principal Components Analysis (PCA) on a dataset large enough that standard single-computer techniques will not work.


Pure unadulterated research

Text summarization with TensorFlow

Machine Learning can provide users with accurate summaries of long text, which can help them to understand larger amounts of information quicker and easier. In order to push the research in this field, the Google Brain Team open sourced their TensorFlow model code for the task of generating news headlines. See some of the samples generated by their model.



Segmenting and refining images with SharpMask

Facebook AI Research, just published an article on their new SharpMask technology, which is used to segment and refine images. The results are astonishing. One of the possible use cases is to assess and describe the content of photos to blind users.



Big Data for customer loyalty don’t forget the humans

When companies try to automize the customer experience, they tend to neglect the human dialogue between customers and employees. Neglecting this dialogue can lead to decision making based on speculations and thinking in terms of the average customer, rather than understanding what real individuals want. The author also gives recommendations on how to effectively use Big Data to earn customer advocacy.


Coding experiments

Teach your computer how to play Super Mario Bros

The author modified Google DeepMind’s code and gives instructions on how to utilize it to train your computer to play Super Mario. Just watch your PC learn how to play one of the most influential games ever made.


CognitionX Events

Hermann Hauser – What is Intelligence?

Come join us on the 26th of September for what’s sure to be an incredible evening with Hermann Hauser (Acorn, ARM, Amadeus Capital) on “What is Intelligence?”. As you may know, Hermann is a true thought leader in this space, having co-founded or invested in 100+ tech companies.

Signup to the MeetUp if you’d like to attend. The event is set to be oversubscribed so please do buy a ticket if you’d like a guaranteed space and to join Hermann for drinks afterwards.

A full overview of our future events can be found here.

Our upcoming event is on the 7th of September and will feature Shaun Dowling, Data Scientist and co-founder of two companies in San Francisco, and Greg Goltsov, Data Scientist at Appear Here on “How to build and then sell your work?”.

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