Automation impact on jobs

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    I don’t think you need “wage without a role” concept at all – I think new values should be placed on jobs which help people and make lives better for others. In this way encouraging people to help others by rewarding with money. I am almost saying charities should be encoraged to pay their workers – the opposite of people working for charities for free as today. There will of course have to be a “living wage” for all people, but anything extra should be paid extra for – and the notion that people on the “living wage” would not be able to buy anything is incorrect – this living wage could be large and also the cost of all goods would be cheaper than today because they’re made by robots. Overall lives will be better for everyone – we do need to watch inequality and governments need to esnure excessive wealth is discouraged.

    Also I’d encourage the situation of people being put in charge of robots and managing the work they do – in the thread I mentioned the slaves in ancient Athens but there is a modern example of this too. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi today the native people are all very rich and do very little(hope I’ve not said anything contraversial here -pre-apologies to people from there reading this) – they manage the workers. They have temporary immigrants from India mostly doing the work for them – (I’d equate the temporary immigrants to robots in the future for ourselves). At the end of the day the countries with robot economies will be weathly and will be able to pay their people high living wages and people should not be bored doing nothing there will be a range of interesting activities for people to do and hopefully everyone will be happy.

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