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    How should we prepare people and what changes should be made to the curriculum in order to face the labour market in an AI world?


    I agree with Elon, we’re going to need some kind of minimum basic income for everyone.



    Firstly – not doing away with the arts wholesale would be a good idea. After that, really teaching Computer Science from an early age. Not, as is often posited, coding but actual scientific principals behind this. Putting it alongside Physics, Biology and Chemistry would be a start.

    After that, I am not sure. Coming back to my comment about the arts, we need to encourage creativity outside of technical disciplines, as much as we need to encourage it within it. My interpretation of Singularity is to imagine an inverted Bell curve – on one side you have the creative technologists driving innovation, on the other the creative leaders identifying opportunities and securing deals. Some will do one, fewer will do both, most will fall in the middle…

    I think teaching better awareness of the world, and the cultures within it are crucial. Understanding that we live in a smaller world, and that there is opportunity everywhere, not just in automation.


    People need to be skilled at learning and using new technology so teaching them how to learn new tech must be useful. AI and machines are tools so people need to learn how best to make use of them. Many white collar jobs will go. Many new types of job will come into being. Some of those jobs are visible now (programming) but some will only emerge in time. The education system needs to adapt quickly to help people in the new economy.

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