It’s all about the Math

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    AI cannot go beyond the boundaries of the mathematical models that underpin it. On the other hand, many highly intelligent humans totally suck at math! Having said that, I don’t see a way that AI can mimic humans in the foreseeable future


    @jaffar I’m not sure I agree with the boundaries you suggest for AI. Your statement holds true until we develop a more general intelligence capable of forming novel ideas. At this point the AI could develop itself, even if only through trial and error.

    I also think this is decades, if not centuries away!


    Indeed AI is evolving at a rate that makes is impossible to predict. However, remember that at lower levels computers are limited by the boundary of what can be represented by 0s and 1s as this is the only thing the computer brain (CPU/GPU) can “understand”. Perhaps we might see computers that go beyond the binary system someday in the future.

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