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    I’m especially excited about this new movement to put AI into the hands of people who have not had specific training in it. Steven Levy’s article frames it well.

    Bonsai abstracts away the low-level, inner workings of machine learning systems to empower more developers to integrate richer intelligence models into their work. Bottlenose decided to focus on building tools for Business Analysts to do Data Science and Clarifai has an even grander aspiration “to Enable Every Human in the World to Train and Use AI.”

    Vive la revolution or old load of codswallop? Which do you think will win? Why are they raising so much investment?


    I think this great for the industry, and will help businesses grow faster and more efficiently. However, I think this approach will primarily be suitable for fairly standard problems. The most time consuming thing in data science is the data cleaning and pre-processing rather than the model building itself, and this is harder to abstract away from the user. DataShaka are trying to address this problem, so I will be very interested to see how their product develops.

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