One bot to rule them all!

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    Bots are currently a hot topic in the world of AI. From controlling your heating to customer service, bots are everywhere. Shivon Zilis and James Cham ask the pertinent question, will there be one bot to rule them all?


    I agree with the statement in the O’Reilly blog that there likely won’t be one mecha-bot in the near future. That’s getting into the realms of general AI, which I think is a long way off. However, what I think will become more and more prevalent are bot-to-bot interfaces. From the user’s perspective this will feel like one bot, whereas in reality it is just an interface.


    Given what happened with Microsoft’s Tay bot, having one bot to rule them all is a terrifying prospect! I agree with @hugh‘s point though, for time being we will likely have a bot-microservice type of architecture. I wonder how quickly that will evolves into a single entity; our brains can be thought of as a collection of microservices, with different area responsible for different functions.


    @robbo, that’s an interesting way of describing the brain. The main difference between the brain and microservice architectures, however, is the overlap in the functionality of brain regions. The analogy here is semi-multipurpose bots – i.e. bots that have multiple separate but closely related applications. This is something we’re beginning to see in research, where models have been repurposed for a different task without the model forgetting it’s original function.


    I think the creation of a “mecha-bot” (as @hugh so aptly phrased it!) will have to result from the merging of multiple bots with a narrower focus, or from continuously repurposing existing bots as @paulharrison described.


    OK talking of bot-bot interfaces here’s a bit of minor amusement I threw together over the weekend showing an Amazon Alexa talking to a Google Home in this you-tube video


    @robinjewsbury that’s excellent! I’ve to get Siri (laptop) and Google Assistant (phone) to talk to each other without much success. Is “talk to the enemy” a script you wrote for Alexa?

    On a side note, try asking Google Assistant to beatbox…


    @paulharrison yes I’ve written a skill which uses a script – it copes with all the combinations of how Google Assistant replies as it often answers in different ways so running it multiple times results in different conversations. However, I don’t intend publishing the skill as don’t want to upset Amazon or Google.

    Tried beatbox … yes very good… like it.

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    @robinjewsbury I’m sure someone will publish something similar, so it might as well be you. People are already pitting the two against one another!

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