Free drone-delivered internet?? Issue 9: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

Those of you who know me will understand the mixed emotions I felt when I saw Facebook’s Aquila drone take flight. Aquila uses drone enabled lasers to beam internet to remote regions, with the mission to bring affordable WiFi to the world. “I really thought I’d do that one day” I said! Then I realised that wasn’t going to happen and I’m just happy that Zuck’s taken on the challenge – sounds a bit better than the Google balloons, but what do I know.

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Facebook redefining The Final Frontier

22nd July 2016

After Elon Musk’s Master Plan yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 year plan for Facebook today.

Drones, AI, and the future of the internet. It’s all here folks.

Facebook plans to bring free internet to the masses all over the world by flying drones at 60,000ft. They say this will help them with their AI and virtual reality businesses. We just have to wait, hope and see.
Some more articles and opinions about this here if you’re as interested as we are:

Facebook redefining The Final Frontier

Another example of a “robots taking humans jobs”

The Chinese internet giant Baidu has made an AI that can look at any picture and write a completely new piece of music. We’re so close to witnessing machines being just as creative if not more so than people but we’ve still got a little way to go before someone can say that definitively.

Have a watch of the video in the article.

Article to share with your non data savvy friends

You’ll never guess who uses clickbait…

22nd July 2016

The BBC writes an article about clickbait and the start ups using Machine Learning to automate it.

Education, training and advice we rate

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Stats that impress

  • 11 TFLOPS
  • 12 Billion Transistors
  • 3,584 CUDA cores at 1.53 GHz
  • 12 GB of GDDRX memory at at 480 GB/s

Pure insanity but good news for Machine Learners

NVIDIA just surprise launched their newest most epic GPU at a Stanford AI meetup

Business Impact of AI

TensorFlow, one of CognitionX’s favourite tools, has been making waves in the business community. Take a look after reading the article.

CognitionX Events

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22nd July 2016

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Coding Experiments

Max Deutsch trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on the first four Harry Potter books. Then asked it to produce a chapter based on what it learned.

Max, if you can hear me…thank you, this is awesome

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