Attendees at the Hermann Hauser talk shared their thoughts on Intelligence

After the hugely successful Hermann Hauser talk on that we hosted on Monday, a few of the event’s attendees share their thoughts of the event and much more in front of the camera (there was even an extra little bit of wisdom from Hermann himself).

Some of these topics of conversation have prompted forum threads so follow the links below the videos to continue the discussion.


After the talk, Gabriel Hughes, CEO and Founder of Metageni poses a question to Hermann Hauser regarding ‘goals’. A forum thread has spawned from Gabriel’s comments!


Alastair Moore, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UCL talks about the changing employment landscape that AI will bring about. This is a topic that is on many people’s minds and one that frequents the CognitionX daily briefing.


Richard Edwards, CEO of DataShaka puts forth the question of “What happens when this tremendous capability (of AI) gets into the hands of bad people and how do you police it?” A forum thread has spawned from Richard’s comments!


Philip Harvey, CTO at DataShaka asks Hermann Hauser a bit of a difficult question. We would love to know what your thoughts are. A forum thread has spawned from Philip’s comments!


Nick Halstead, CEO and Founder of Cognitive Logic is voices his concern about data quality and is unsure about whether or not Artificial Intelligence is creative for the future.


Barry Shrier of The Giant Health Event describes this exciting new project ( Barry then asks Hermann a question about the impending singularity.


Hermann Hauser takes a question from one of our expert bloggers, Paul. The question he had for Hermann concerns the timing of the field attaining a point of ‘super intelligence’. Hermann’s answer is quite optimistic.


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