A.I. start-ups funding will reach $1.2 billion this year. Issue 7: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

“To get into data science, it helps to have a questioning and logical mind” says Elena Grewal, Airbnb’s lead data scientist. As a subscriber to this daily briefing I have no doubt you have both.

Today we are questioning, what happens when we remove money from the equation? How do Xbox know which player to pair us with? Where does augmented reality go next after the success of PokemonGo? The future of ARM Holdings, considering it’s imminent sale to Japanese technology giant Softbank.

…and is it logical that funding in A.I. start-ups will reach $1.2 billion this year, up 76% from last year?

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Feed your mind over lunch

This article from Peter Diamandis, explains the effects of Rapid Demonetization – the ability of technology to take a product or service that was previously expensive and make it substantially cheaper or potentially free.

What happens when we remove money from the equation?

Why the Cost of Living Is Poised to Plummet in the Next 20 Years

Pure unadulterated research

Incredibly helpful blog about the TrueSkill algorithm which is used by many including Xbox when matchmaking players. For a deeper dive, dig into Jeff Moser’s paper, The Math Behind TrueSkill

How does Xbox Live know who you should play against?

Another example of a “robots taking humans jobs”

Don’t Replace People. Augment Them

19th July 2016
• medium.com

Tim O’Reilly’s brilliant response to the McKinsey Quarterly article, “If we let machines put us out of work, it will be because of a failure of imagination and the will to make a better future!”

Don’t Replace People. Augment Them

Innovation of the day

Pokémon Go: where does augmented reality go next?

19th July 2016
• theguardian.com

It’s the hottest game in the world right now, The Guardian asks games developers what they think of Pokémon Go, and where they believe its success will take augmented reality.

Education, training and advice we rate

A Nervana “Deep Learning” course

19th July 2016
• nervanasys.com

A constantly updating page with introduction videos and lessons about how to build Deep Learning models with neon, an open source Deep Learning framework. Go take a look.

Starting September of this year, this Coursera course introduces you to applying Neural Networks to Machine Learning systems. Some very useful concepts if you want to call yourself an expert in this industry.


“To get into data science, it helps to have a questioning and logical mind” Top tips from brilliant role model Elena, the 31 year old lead for data science at Airbnb, the $25.5-billion San Francisco start-up.

Deal of the Day

BBC’s useful guide to ARM Holdings’ imminent sale to Japanese technology giant Softbank.

Polling Me, Polling You

What will life be like in 2066?

19th July 2016

Currently Her is winning the polls to be the movie that the CognitionX community believes is the closest resemblance to the future. Still time to cast your vote:

What will life be like in 2066?

Coding Experiments

A fun language evolution simulation

19th July 2016
• github.io

Have a look at this quirky little animation that simplifies yet shows quite clearly the language evolution that can happen among people.

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