Issue 100: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

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Ethics Questions of the Day

New Basic Income Project Set to Launch in January

Eight, a charity founded in 2015, is testing a pilot program of Universal Basic Income in a village in Uganda hoping to study its effects.

The concept is looked to by many as a necessary step to ensure the survival of those most vulnerable to increased automation.

Tools of the trade

Music to my ears – Deep Mind present WaveNet

WaveNets are able to generate speech which mimics any human voice and which sounds more natural than the best existing Text-to-Speech systems, reducing the gap with human performance by over 50%. It directly modells the raw waveform of the audio signal, one sample at a time. As well as yielding more natural-sounding speech WaveNets open up a lot of possibilities for TTS, music generation and audio modelling in general.

Bussiness Impact

Benedict Evans poses some open questions for the impact computer vision has on industry

Including – what happens to the fashion industry when half a dozen static $100 cameras can tell you everything that anyone in Shoreditch wore this year?

Future of News

Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America

Perfectly open communities always go sour. You need filters.  Every functional community has them. And that’s where machine learning comes in. Chris Nicholson explains in this Tech Crunch article.”Deep learning is setting new records in accuracy for a lot of difficult problems and it needs to focus on fixing the online platforms bringing us news.


Image-to-Image Translation

In this paper they investigate conditional adversarial networks as a general-purpose solution to image-to-image translation problems. These networks not only learn the mapping from input image to output image, but also learn a loss function to train this mapping.

As a community, we no longer hand-engineer our mapping functions, and this work suggests we can achieve reasonable results without hand-engineering our loss functions either.

Open Source

Uber Open Source their tools is a WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets.

Impact on the Economy

Japan plans supercomputer – 130 petaflops

The new computer has been dubbed ABCI, an acronym for AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure. Bidding for the project has begun and will close on Dec. 8.

The supercomputer will be made available for a fee to Japan’s corporations, who now outsource data crunching to foreign firms such as Google and Microsoft, Sekiguchi to amongst other things conduct Deep Learning

Another example of “Robots taking Humans Jobs”

No more ironing?

Panasonic invests $60m in world’s first laundry-folding robot


Evolutionary Algorithms are going to have the same (or similar) impact to Machine Learning, and potentially much more.

Daniel Miessler an information security professional believes “Descent with modification combined with natural selection is arguably the most powerful natural force we’ve ever encountered. If we can figure out how to model these appropriately, and we can leverage our scaling technologies the way we have with Machine Learning” He sets out the case in this blog that Evolutionary Algorithms will surprise everyone with the impact they’ll bring.

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CognitionX Events

Challenges of Security & Privacy in a Data Driven World

Jon Crowcroft the Marconi Professor will be discussing what we should be doing to protect ourselves, our organisations and our community with the steady rise of data privacy concerns.

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