Issue 101: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

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We have all heard of Deep Mind
Vicarious. But, who are the other companies building Deep Learning and AGI solutions? Come fill out the survey this week and let us know which vendors you rate.


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Ethics Questions of the Day

“Technology is not what we seek – it’s how we seek.”

This open letter to Francesca, Eric, Mustafa, Yann, Ralf, Demis from IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon is carefully written and worth a read

“Your companies create and provide tools, not purpose. Humans are toolmakers, not tool-made, and we should keep it that way. How will you make sure your technologies remain tools and don’t become purposes (especially as that would be extremely attractive financially)? Will your AIs cause us to ‘forget ourselves’ or will they
truly empower us?”

Tools of the trade

6m developers (29% of all developers globally) are involved in a big data and advanced analytics project today.

An additional 25% of developers, or 5.3m, are going to begin big data and advanced analytics projects within the next six 13% or 2.6m of all developers globally are going to start big data and advanced analytics projects within the next 7 to 12 months. The following graphic provides an overview of the involvement of 21m developers in big data and advanced analytics projects today. Please click on the image to expand for easier viewing.

Bussiness Impact

Fintech Falls: Funding To Fintech Startups In North America Slumps

Deals and funding to VC-backed fintech companies in North America dropped to a 5-quarter low in Q3’16 with $900M raised across 96 deals, according to The Pulse of Fintech – Q3’16 published by KPMG and CB Insights.


Machine Learning in Adaptive Training for the Aerospace Industry

CognitionX member Mikhail Klassen writes about data-driven competency-based training, we are looking at unsupervised learning models for ways to compare different simulated flights, performed by pilots of differing skill levels, to each other.


This Algorithm Taught Itself to Animate a Still Photo

A team of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created a deep-learning algorithm that is able to generate its own videos and predict the future of a video based on a single frame.

As detailed in a paper to be presented next week at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in Barcelona, the CSAIL team trained their algorithm by having it watch 2 million videos which would last for over a year if played back to back. This Motherboard article speculates this could be the end of their video team…


When A.I. Matures, It May Call Jürgen Schmidhuber ‘Dad’

In 1997, Dr. Schmidhuber and Sepp Hochreiter published a paper on a technique that has proved crucial in laying groundwork for the rapid progress that has been made recently in vision and speech. The idea, known as Long Short-Term Memory, or LSTM, was not widely understood when it was introduced. It essentially offered a form of memory or context to neural networks. This New York Times article gives us the low down on the man himeself.

Impact on the Economy

“world of dangerous things”

Internet pioneer Bruce Schneier issued a dire proclamation in front of the House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee Wednesday: “It might be that the internet era of fun and games is over, because the internet is now dangerous.”

The meeting, which focused on the security vulnerabilities created by smart devices, came in the wake of the Oct. 21 cyberattack on Dyn that knocked Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and other major web services offline.

Chatbots Yadda yadda ya

Agent.AI provides artificial intelligence-enhanced CRM solutions that help businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication channels they prefer. Backed by its event-based machine learning and natural language processing engines, Agent.AI enables businesses to respond to customers faster, 24/7/365, while helping agents become more productive.

Data Visulastion 

When did your favourite Harry Potter spell first appear?

Use Skyler Johnson’s magical viz to impress your friends with HP knowledge. Click on a spell name for its frequency or highlight a specific occurrence to read the spell description and exact book excerpt. Fan-favorites “accio” (which summons an object) and “expecto patronum” (which creates a Patronus, an animal guardian) top the list with 34 occurrences in the Harry Potter series.

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CognitionX Events

Challenges of Security & Privacy in a Data Driven World

Jon Crowcroft the Marconi Professor will be discussing what we should be doing to protect ourselves, our organisations and our community with the steady rise of data privacy concerns.

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