Issue 195: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


Winning in a potential “post work” world.

AI – your co-worker or competitor? What does the future of work look like in 2025?

Joe Lonsdale, Founder of Palantir and Founding partner at 8VC proposed 12 jobs of the future in this morning’s Wired. Some like Yuval Noah Harari author of Sapiens believes AI will create a ‘useless class’ of humans.

On the 20th of June we will be giving evidence at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) Future of the Office: the next industrial revolution session. We are there to
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Business Impact of AI

Day 1 is forever, Day 2 is death.

Jeff Bezos’ annual open letter to Amazon shareholders garners widespread interest every year for good reason. Insightful and thought-provoking, the business mogul who spotted how the internet could change retail talks this year about machine learning and AI. “Machine learning drives our algorithms for demand forecasting, product search ranking, product and deals recommendations, merchandising placements, fraud detection, translations, and
much more”

Something to get Involved in

Rockstart Accelerator Program Launches an AI Focused Track

Accelerating startups since 2012 the Dutch based program
has launched an AI specific track they call “Europe’s First AI Accelerator”. Backed by Amazon, Google and IBM Rockstart has some impressive stats across the three pre-existing verticals with 75% of businesses that pass through the accelerator receiving further funding. Applications can be submitted from May so get writing.


How Stronger Privacy Laws Could Save Advertising from Itself

There has been a tectonic funnelling of advertising dollars to Facebook and Google because they each collect an enormous amount of user data and can theoretically serve ads to targeted audiences. Last year the EU passed a sweeping set of data privacy rules called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new rules will require all companies serving EU residents to get explicit permission from those users for ad-targeting
purposes. Companies that violate the rules could end up paying out as much as 4% of their worldwide revenue.

+ Hear more from experts about data privacy concerns at CogX: The Innovation Exchange

Article to share with your less data savy friends

You’ll Be Working With Robots Sooner Than You Think

Kriti Sharma, VP of Bots & AI for Sage Group gives her view on the most urgent issues in AI. We need to design robots and AI with a complementary compliance framework to govern their interactions with humans in the workplace, including a code of conduct for robots that mirrors the professional standards we expect from people.

Before we think about taxing robots and AI, we need to get the basics of the self-learning technology right, and develop comprehensive ethical standards that hold up for the long term.

Deal of the day

Accelerator program Zeroth wants to find Asia’s top AI and machine learning startups

Zeroth is accelerator program which has just opened applications for its second programme (in Tokyo) that is out to fix the lack of talent, and investment options, for AI in Asia. The accelerator, which is Asia’s first dedicated to AI & machine learning, will take 20 companies per batch and offer up to $120,000 in optional funding.

Dinner Talk

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

You can’t just look inside a deep neural network to see how it works. A network’s reasoning is embedded in the behavior of thousands of simulated neurons, arranged into dozens or even hundreds of intricately interconnected layers. How should we take decisions when we don’t fully understand the decision making process?

Pure unadulterated research

New machine learning models can detect hate speech, violence from texts

The words we use and our writing styles can reveal information about our preferences, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Using this information, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland has developed machine learning models that can detect antisocial behaviours, such as hate speech and indications of violence, from texts.

Another example of “robots taking human’s jobs”

AI and robots will take our jobs – but better ones will emerge for us

The fear that robots will soon take your jobs has a grain of truth to it – however, the future paves the way for more jobs for humans, based in technological innovation. Jon Lonsdale, Partner at
8VC presents 12 Jobs of the Future and delves deep into the fears that many have when discussing the impact of AI, the future of work and society.

Data Visualisation

Magic AI: These are the optical illusions that trick, fool, and flummox computers

Want a pair of glasses which can trick an AI into thinking you’re the Pope or anyone you like? Last year, researchers were able to fool a commercial facial recognition system by creating a sticker overlay with a hallucinogenic print which was stuck onto the frames of the specs. This article delves deeper into adversarial machine learning alongside some funny results from their research.

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