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Robot Future. AI Transparency. Neural Nets. Trusting AI. AI Key to Security. #BOTUS.

In an interview with the Guardian, Jurgen Schmidhuber, the president and co-founder of NNAISENSE which aims at building the first practical general purpose AI, shares his optimistic vision on the robot future. Jurgen believes 2050 is the year machine intelligence will not just match that of humans, but outstrip it. He thinks AI will eventually colonise asteroid belts across the Milky Way with self-replicating robot factories.

What do you think you will be doing in 2050? What do you think about the future of work? On the 20th of June, we will be giving evidence at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) Future of the Office: the next industrial revolution session. We are there to represent you so please give us
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Dinner Talk

Jürgen Schmidhuber on the robot future

The German computer scientist says artificial intelligence will surpass humans’ in 2050, enabling robots to have fun, fall in love and colonise the galaxy. “Very soon, the smartest and most important decision makers might not be human,” he says, “We are on the verge not of another industrial revolution, but a new form of life, more like the big bang.”

Ethics Question for the Day

Only human intelligence can solve the AI challenge

Transparency. Black Box. Open Source. AI is powerful and agnostic and John Thornhill argues that we need people, independent people openly discussing the problems AI can cause. As Mireille Hildebrandt, professor of law and technology at the Free University of Brussels, says one of the dangers of AI is that we become overly reliant on “mindless minds” that we do not fully comprehend.

Education, Training and Advice We Rate 

Neural networks explained

Neural nets are a means of doing machine learning, in which a computer learns to perform some task by analyzing training examples. This articles describes the history of our relationship with neural networks and their current state and application in the artificial intelligence explosion.

Article to share with your less data savy friends

To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits

Trust is easily created and quickly destroyed. In this piece the potential pitfalls and “must-haves” when it comes to an AI product that builds trust are analysed through a range of case studies. In particular stakeholder alignment, transparency about the development process, and gradual introduction of the technology are crucial strategies for fostering trust.

Business Impact of AI

Cyber threats are growing more serious, and artificial intelligence could be the key to security

A recent report from cybersecurity company FireEye
showed organizations on average took 99 days in 2016 to realize they had been breached. Experts point out the cyber-threat landscape has drastically changed and that criminals are now using more advanced technologies to launch sophisticated attacks. Investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence is crucial because machines can respond more quickly to the way attacks are mutating.

What you might have missed

Self-taught artificial intelligence beats doctors at predicting heart attacks

Scientists at the University of Nottingham have shown that artificial intelligence can predict heart attacks even better than standard medical guidelines. If this technology were to be implemented, the new method could save thousands or even millions of lives a year.

Audio for your Journey Home

Bot of the US – BOTUS

Bots are cheaper than stock-picking humans. They’re less emotional and more disciplined. They can process more information at once. They are doing things like scanning social media for consumer trends and counting the number of cars parked in Wal-Mart parking lots, then using that to trade. Planet Money built their own stock trading bot to trade automatically by monitoring Donald Trump’s tweets on companies. Follow BOTUS on

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