Issue 203: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


Amazon’s Echo Look. Virtual assistants are hot. AI transforming online customer experience. 3d-printed heart tissue. AI-written movie. Oracle gets an AI-boost.

We’re super excited to be launching our inaugural two-day AI event, CogX, tackling the “Impact of AI on Industry, Government and Society” in London on 20th to 21st June, in association with the Alan Turing Institute (more below and at the CogX website).

AI Innovation Exchange: The focus of CogX is not just the technology, but discussing and workshopping the impact of AI. The conference will feature over 100 speakers, including MC Srivas (Chief Data Architect of Uber) and Mike Hyde (Director of Data Science at Facebook) and will cover 12 industries and 6 technical domains over the 2 days – with keynotes, a panel of 6, and 60-120 minute breakout workshops for each topic. We expect 1,500 executives, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, and we will publish a report on each topic within 30 days.

CogX Annual AI Awards: We will celebrate the winners of our annual AI Awards. There are 47 entry categories for 10 Awards. If you know of any people or companies that you think should apply, you can nominate them below or apply for yourself. Award applications close 5.00pm GMT, 5th May 2017.

Trade Expo: Running parallel to the 18 sessions, we will have 2 full days of trade expo with 50+ AI companies exhibiting – from startups to growth companies and enterprise businesses. If you would like to showcase your company at the trade expo, contact us at

Apply for an Award          Attend CogX


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Products We’re Not Sure About

Amazon’s new $200 Echo Look camera will judge your outfits

Amazon announced yesterday a new device for the Echo family: the Echo Look, a “style assistant” camera that helps catalog your outfits and rates your look based on “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.” Imagine it as a smart mirror of sorts — you can talk to the Echo Look to take full-length photos or short videos to check out your outfit from seldom-seen angles.

The Echo Look first leaked as a “security camera” back in March (we fell for it), and the photo matches exactly with what Amazon has announced yesterday. The device comes with a built-in LED light, a microphone, and a base mount for you to attach it to the wall or leave it freestanding. It will also work with a companion app that has a Style Check feature to compare two outfits and rate
which is better.

Stats that Impress

Conversica survey on the utility of AI

Conversica’s proprietary research polled 1,000 Americans about the potential benefits of AI and how people see this emerging technology integrating with their work—and personal—lives. The Conversica survey reveals that over half of respondents (52 percent) would like to have a virtual assistant and feel that with an AI assistant helping at work, they would be more productive.

Respondents’ top two reasons for wanting an AI assistant are to offload repetitive tasks and to make time-consuming tasks easier. Rounding out the top five reasons Americans want to have an AI assistant are the elimination of boring tasks and the need to work after hours and the ability to delegate work that isn’t a good use of their skills.

Education and Advice We Rate

Writing travel blogs with deep learning

Is it possible to automatize travel blogging with artificial intelligence? It would be great if your AI assistant helped you keeping memories of your travels by automatically writing down stories about the places you visited. It turns out that this task could be easily tackled using deep learning because there is plenty of data available online.

Simone Romano trains a neural network to write a travel blog (at least to help write one). The results aren’t perfect, but he is off to a good start. Try it out for yourself, you can find the code here.

Video Killed the Radio Star

CognitionX Panel – “How AI is Transforming the Online Customer Experience”

Check out the video footage from our latest event, which features a discussion on the impact of AI in retail and the effect it will have on the online customer experience.


  • Jedidiah Francis: Head of Data Science, ASOS
  • Gabriel Hughes: Founder & CEO, Metageni
  • Sharad Khandelwal: Co-Founder & CEO, Sentisum
  • Justin Ibbett: Co-Founder, FocalData
  • Keesup Choe: CEO, Pi
  • Ivan Mazour – Founder & CEO, Ometria


  • Charlie Muirhead, CEO of CognitionX

Business Impact of AI

Ten ways HR tech leaders can make the most of artificial

Ji-A Min from software company Ideal highlights 10 HR tech leaders who believe AI will support, rather than replace, HR. To understand the impact of AI on HR, a survey of HR executives by IBM (which we reported on previously) found that 46% believe AI will transform their talent acquisition capability and 49% believe it will transform their payroll and benefits administration.

The respondents said that AI will 1) automate screening and reduce bias, 2) reduce errors and improve compliance, 3) augment corporate training, and more.

Future of Health

A 3D-printed patch could help you recover from a heart attack

Scientists have dreamed of easily patching up heart tissue in the wake of heart attacks, but there are always gotchas: for example, it’s no mean feat to replicate the complex structures of real tissue. However, there may be a solution in sight. Researchers have produced a 3D-printed cell patch that can heal scarred heart tissue.

After the team tested its patch on a mouse, the rodent’s heart saw a “significant increase” in functional capacity in the space of 4 weeks. Moreover, it eventually absorbed into the heart — the team didn’t have to perform follow-up operations to make sure it was a good fit.


Neural network startup Neurala receives patent for AI ‘whole brain’ system

Deep learning neural network software startup Neurala has announced it has received a patent for its “whole brain” system for autonomous robotic control. The Neurala Brain is a deep learning platform that allows artificial intelligence to function more like a human brain by integrating sight, sound, and other senses into one system in a rough emulation of how the brain works.

“Integrating advanced behaviors into a whole brain system for robots and drones represents the future of artificial intelligence,”  Neurala co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Massimiliano Versace said.

Future of Art

An AI wrote all of David Hasselhoff’s lines in this bizarre short film

Last year, director Oscar Sharp and AI researcher Ross Goodwin released the stunningly weird short film Sunspring. It was a sci-fi tale written entirely by an algorithm that eventually named itself Benjamin.

Now the two humans have teamed up with Benjamin again to create a follow-up movie, It’s No Game, about what happens when AI gets mixed up in an impending Hollywood writers’ strike.

Chat Bots are the New Black

Oracle adds AI, like chat bots, to their Customer Experience Cloud Suite

Oracle announced a series of new innovations within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite. By combining innovative new technologies such as chat bots and AI with enhanced mobile, video and messaging capabilities, the latest updates to Oracle CX Cloud Suite enable commerce, marketing, sales and service professionals to reduce IT complexity, provide innovative customer experiences and deliver tangible business results.

Innovative chat bot capabilities enable new customer experiences by asking and intelligently answering customer questions on both text and voice-driven platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. Marketing professionals can take advantage of chatbot capabilities for their cross-channel marketing in order to enhance larger, marketer-orchestrated customer journeys.

Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday May 2Why Women in AI 

Thursday May 25:
Will robots replace HR? 

June 19-21: CogX: The AI Innovation Exchange

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