Issue 214: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


WannaCry ransomware, selfies to stickers, demand for data scientists.

It has been 3 days since the WannaCry global ransomware attack and the UK National Cyber Security Centre is warning the nation to be on guard for another wave.

“The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call” says Brad Smith, Microsoft Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. The cyber-threat landscape is drastically changing and criminals are now using more advanced technologies to launchsophisticated attacks. This particular incident has given us a glimpse into the serious consequences of a widespread cyber-attack and has exposed vulnerabilities in our data security infrastructure.

Is AI the solution to this problem? If you want to learn how Machine Learning can protect us from the latest generation of cyber-threats, come to CogX London 2017 (June 20-21). You will hear directly from cyber security experts like Alex Van Someren, founder of CyLon and nCipher.

One thing is clear, more action is needed and it is needed now.


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36 days till CogX. Be there or be intelligence artificial.

Audio for your journey home

Winning the Cybersecurity Cat and Mouse Game with AI

Cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game. And the mouse always has the upper hand. That’s because it’s so easy for new malware to go undetected. In this interview with Dr Eli David, CTO of Deep Instinct, a security firm that brings GPU-powered deep learning techniques underpinning modern speech and image recognition to the vexing world of cybersecurity, we learn how advanced machine learning techniques can deal with the complexity of the latest generation of cyber-attacks.

Products we love

Neural Network-Generated Illustrations in Allo

Google is introducing a feature in Allo that uses a combination of neural networks and the work of artists to turn your selfie into a personalized sticker pack. Simply snap a selfie, and it’ll return an automatically generated illustrated version of you, on the fly, with customization options to help you personalize the stickers even further.

Jennifer Daniel, Expressions Creative Director at Allo delves deeper into the following topics:

  • What makes you, you?
  • Avoiding the uncanny valley, a well known problem in aesthetics
  • Translating pixels to artistic illustrations
  • Creating a broad palette for identity and sentiment

Stats the impress

IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020

IBM’s recent report, The Quant Crunch, has revealed some interesting statistics about the future of Data Science in the job market. Key takeaways from the report are:

  • 59% of all Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job demand is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT.
  • By 2020 the number of Data Science and
    Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000.
  • The fastest-growing roles are Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts, which are projected to see demand spike by 28% by 2020.

Another example of a “robots taking humans jobs”

Can Chatbots Replace Your Summer Interns?

Bad news for students looking to fill the summer with invaluable work experience, Lydia Dishman of Fast Company argues that the mundane tasks often given to interns should be handed to chatbots.

Speaking to industry professionals, Dishman argues that businesses should leverage their chatbots in order for employees to use their time more effectively. Speaking with Adam Devine of WorkFusion, he contends “A business powered, in part, by chatbots will improve its capacity by up to 25% within six months”.However,
all is not lost for those in search of a summer internship, she points out the limitations of chatbots in their current form as they often struggle to answer questions from customers aiming to trip up the bot.

Business Impact of AI

Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured ‘dark data’, for $200M

Lattice Data exited stealth mode last year after raising $20 million from from GV, Madrona and InQTel. The company has many notable figures in it’s ranks like Professor Christopher Ré (a co-creator of Hadoop)  who was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant for his work on DeepDive; the core technology behind Lattice Data.

Lattice Data makes sense of Dark Data, the ~80% of all data generated that is unstructured and without contact. In addition to the acquisition of the IP of Lattice Data this deal can be seen as an Acquihire with 20 engineers from Lattice having joined Apple.

Exercise people can do themselves

Using IoT Sensors to Up Your Game

What if you could use sensors to be better at skiing? Microsoft’s blog post details nine sensor positions and a recipe that allows you to collect your own data. The information from these nine sensors allowed Microsoft to build a simple but powerful machine learning model that can classify professionals and non-professionals correctly 98% of the time. How will you be classified?

Impact of the Economy

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang: “AI Is Going to Eat Software”

Nvidia have played an interesting role in the development of AI tech with their GPU’s initially being “hacked” for mass parallelisation to their current range of hardware designed for AI. At Nvidia’s developer conference Jensen Huang made the case that we have seen others make before: AI will change the world with as much impact as the IT Revolution. According to Jensen the first big industry to utilise AI will be the Automotive sector, closely followed by healthcare. Regulation will be a barrier but it’s human lives at stake and the technology is getting better every day.

Article to share with your less data savvy friends

A new company every week: inside the UK’s AI revolution

As technology advances, AI will continue to push the boundaries. Research by Accenture shows that realising the UK’s potential in this sector would add £654bn to the economy by 2035. The best time to learn about AI, its uses and implications, is now. This article provides a simple overview over some existing applications, ethical concerns and new opportunities.

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