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AI chips are the new chocolate chip. ?Gender bias. Data science + retail.

As you may know, there is a major UK government review on AI being led by Dame Wendy Hall and Jérôme Pesenti. The focus is on how the country can grow and capitalise on its status as a world-leader in the science underpinning AI.

Their secretariat Dev Amratia and I are collating a list of all the women active in AI in the UK to highlight role models in our society that can inspire other women and inform Government of the power of a diverse workforce in AI.

It’s a big task, so please add your names and the names of others involved in this area to this form and let us know if you are able to meet / talk at the times suggested.

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21 days till CogX. Be there or be intelligence artificial.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Hay Festival 2017: Stephen Fry

At the Hay Festival last week, he gave a powerful, impassioned talk on the future of the internet and technological advancement.

Fry criticised the “technophobes”, including politicians, who he said had been too slow to react to developments like AI. More importantly, he said that we must prepare
for this future: “Whether it is winter that is coming, or a new spring, it is entirely in our hands so long as we prepare”.

+So….how can you prepare? You can come to CogX London 2017 (June 20-21) to learn about and discuss the impact of AI on society, industry, and government from world thought leaders. CogX will move the conversation forward on the future of insurance, retail, government, health, transportation, and more. Trust me- you will not be disappointed.


Apple is working on a dedicated chip to power AI on devices

Apple is working on a processor devoted specifically to AI-related tasks, according to a person familiar with the matter. The chip, known internally as the Apple Neural Engine, would improve the way the company’s devices handle tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence — such as facial recognition and speech recognition, said the person, who requested anonymity discussing a product that hasn’t been made public. Apple declined to comment.

“Two of the areas that Apple is betting its
future on require AI,” said Gene Munster, former Apple analyst and co-founder of venture capital firm Loup Ventures. “At the core of augmented reality and self-driving cars is artificial intelligence.” ARM also just announced their latest AI chip.

+Want to know more about Apple and their latest innovations? Then you do not want to miss
Shiva Rajamaran (Product Lead, Apple) at CogX. He was previously ‘the product guy’ at Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, Google.

Podcasts We Love

Data science and deep learning in retail

In this episode of the Data Show, Ben Lorica spoke with
Jeremy Stanley, VP of data science at Instacart, a popular grocery delivery service that is expanding rapidly. As Stanley describes it, Instacart operates a four-sided marketplace comprised of retail stores, products within the stores, shoppers assigned to the stores, and customers who order from Instacart. The objective is to get fresh groceries from popular retailers delivered to customers in a timely fashion. Instacart’s goals land them in the center of the many opportunities and challenges involved in building high-impact data products.

+Fascinated by how retail and the online customer experience? Come to CogX to hear the likes of Kenneth Cukier (The Economist) and Mike Hyde​ (Data Science Director at Facebook) discuss the changing landscape.

Education and Advice We Rate

The $1700 great deep learning box: assembly, setup
and benchmarks

Slav Ivanov has written a great how-to guide on how to get started with deep learning and what software and hardware to use for it. He covers:

1. Choosing components

2. Putting it together

3. Software Setup

4. Benchmarks

Products We Love

This app uses AI to turn design mockups into source code

Copenhagen-based startup UIzard Technologies has leveraged the latest developments in the field of machine learning to build a neural network that, once fed with raw screenshots of graphical user interface, proceeds to automatically generate code.

What is particularly intriguing is that the so-called Pix2Code model has the capacity to produce code for three different platforms, including Android and iOS as well as other web-based technologies.

As UIzard founder Tony Beltramelli explains in his research, the novel approach could potentially “end the need for manually-programmed” user interfaces altogether. At present, the method generates code from screenshots with an impressive accuracy of over 77 percent, but the consistency of the algorithm is likely to improve in the future.

Future of Transportation

Tesla’s former Autopilot head is launching a self-driving-car company

Aurora Innovation is a new startup led by Chris Urmson, the former head of Google’s autonomous car team, and Sterling Anderson, the former director of Tesla Autopilot. Drew Bagnell, Uber’s former autonomy and perception lead, has also joined Aurora as CTO.

Aurora plans to develop the hardware, software, and data services necessary to build an autonomous driving platform — a similar approach to Uber and Waymo, the self-driving venture spun out of Google’s parent company.

Aurora plans to work directly with Tier 1 suppliers to design the best sensors to feed the algorithms that will create the car brain. That involves taking on tech giants when it comes to designing complex hardware like lidar, a key sensor that helps vehicles detect objects, which has become the focal point of a lawsuit between Uber and Waymo.

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