Issue 98: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

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Yesterday Cynthia Dwork released her new work on
How to Force Our Machines to Play Fair. Which reminded me to remind you about one of our events.

Cynthia is most famous for her invention in the early to mid-2000s of “differential privacy,” a set of techniques that safeguard the privacy of individuals in a large database. With the passing of the
Snoopers Charter and people asking how can they protect themselves we have invited Marconi Professor Jon Crowcroft
to give a talk on DiffPriv on the 7th of December. Sign up and join us.


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Impact on the Economy

What the Autumn Statement means for tech, science and UK businesses

This Wired article gives you a good run down.

Good to see an extra £4.7 billion will be spent on science and research. The government says it will equate to an extra £2 billion every year, or an increase of 20 percent to total R&D funding. The additional money will, in part, go towards an “Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund” supporting collaboration between UK researchers and businesses, similar to how DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) operates in the US.

Tools of the trade

Python, Machine Learning, and Language Wars. A Highly Subjective Point of View

Guest blog on Data Science Central from Sebastian Raschka, author of Python Machine Learning. He promised “I really don’t mean to tell you why you or anyone else should use Python” but this is a very comprehensive and useful blog on why HE used Python.

Business Impact

Never to Check Your Email Ever Again

Slack’s Co-founder and chief technology officer Cal Henderson says the company wants to make Slack’s artificial intelligence strong enough that it can read through your messages so you don’t have to. Come back from a hour-long meeting or week-long vacation, and the bot will be able to summarise what you’ve missed and highlight the most important messages. The software will use machine learning, allowing it to become smarter and more accurate over time.

Coding Experiments

Playing FPS games with deep reinforcement learning

FPS games are team competitions, so it would need to be a team of collaborating software agents playing against human teams. Which would make for some very cool AI technology.

Today’s paper from Adrian Colyer isn’t quite at that level yet, but it does show that progress is already being made on playing first-person shooter (FPS) games in 3D environments.


Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language

In this paper Google introduce a simple method to translate between multiple languages using a single model, taking advantage of multilingual data to improve NMT for all languages involved. The method requires no
change to the traditional NMT model architecture. Instead, they add an artificial token to the input sequence
to indicate the required target language. All other parts of the system as described in — encoder, decoder,
attention, and shared wordpiece vocabulary — stay exactly the same. The system is called a Multilingual GNMT

Education Education Education

Get your kids on the list now! Bletchley Park: ‘Codebreakers school’ planned for site

Bletchley Park, the site of secret code-deciphering projects during World War Two, could become the centre for a new generation of codemakers and codebreakers.
There are plans for a training college to teach cybersecurity skills to 16-19 year olds at the Buckinghamshire site.

Products we want to love

Top 1 Networks making Nvidia hardware more accessible.

His new startup, called Top 1 Networks, will offer customers access to the latest Nvidia graphics processing units (or GPUs) as a cloud service, much like Amazon and others offer cloud computing services.

Started by Serkan Piantino, a longtime Facebook engineer who helped to create its artificial intelligence research lab, left to start this company focused on making it easier for developers to access the best AI processing hardware. He’s got a prototype but no elevator pitch…watch this space!

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