Issue 99: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

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Education and advice we rate

The 10 Best AI, Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts Learn the basics and keep up with the latest news in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence by listening to these great podcasts

Tools of the trade

From Data to AI with the Machine Learning Canvas  A framework to connect the dots between data collection, machine learning, and value creation

The Machine Learning Canvas allows you to describe the most important part of a data science project….it starts with a central block dedicated to the Value Proposition of the system where ML is going to be used. You can think of it as the What+Why+Who.

Business Impact

3 Skillsets Procurement Needs for the Cognitive Era

Procurement is in the midst of a revolution powered by data. Gartner predicts that by 2019, procurement automation will remove human involvement in 15% of digital tech spending. With the likelihood of people no longer managing the transactional procurement steps and removal of those roles, it becomes even more crucial to develop and refine skills that help you stay ahead of the curve. To help procurement groups prepare for this upheaval, this article covers a few of the skills that will be focal points for procurement employers moving forward.

Ethics Questions

Data Ethics — The New Competitive Advantage

Two decades ago, environmental reporting was something quite new, and many companies hurried to be “green.” Today the environment is still taken seriously but the “new” fear is data leaks, hacks, surveillance scandals and, especially, social media users’ “digital hangovers” and it’s kick-started a movement. It’s not as an “either/or;” either we use data or we don’t, but rather they’re gaining awareness about data from an ethical perspective. This Tech Crunch artile gives you a primer on how businesses are
taking to this new battle ground.

CognitionX Events

Challenges of Security & Privacy in a Data Driven World

Jon Crowcroft the Marconi Professor will be discussing what we should be doing to protect ourselves, our organisations and our community which the rise of data.

Chatbots yadda yadda ya

An overview of the bot landscape

The first step in building the future of bots is understanding the landscape today. The below is O’Reilly’s visualization of the developing landscape.

Always be banking

Big Data Is a Big Mess for Hedge Funds Hunting Signals

Zatreanu, who runs data analysis firm System2, offers this advice to hedge funds: give data scientists more gravitas “many analysts need a crash course in statistics, he said, to avoid the common misstep of trying to use data to support preconceived ideas.” Read the rest on Bloomberg

Open Datasets

What’s on the menu

This just belew my mind! New York Public Library has crowdsourced a digitization of their collection of historical restaurant menus. The collection stretches all the way back to the 19th century and well into the 1990’s, and on the home page it is stated that there are “1,332,271 dishes transcribed from 17,545 menus”.

The Sumsar blog uses the freely avaliable csv to show how to the get the data into R and I’ll use it to plot the popularity of some foods over time.

Case Studies

Stripe Online Payments – how do they do it?

When people talk about their data infrastructure, they tend to focus on the technologies: Hadoop, Scalding, Impala, and the like. Stripe’s blog, focuses on the importance of the principles that guide their use. Here they share their experience with one such principle that they found particularly useful: reproducibility.

Always be hiring

Building a data science team – “It’s like an Opera you have to think what skills you need in the round” – Mike Hyde told our community at the CognitionX breakfast this week. We discussed the skills Skype looked for and advises you make your own Hex..

Read more advice from Mike on the CognitionX blog.

Another example of humans taking Robots jobs

Robot Reporter

Bakken & Bæck teamed up with news agency NTB to create Norway’s first robot journalist. The result was a digital football reporter that writes articles like a human. This blog shows you how they went about it

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