Man spends 11 hours debugging Wi-Fi kettle. Issue 68: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


Following on from Wednesday’s briefing, we are still thinking about government and regulation of AI as yesterday the US government issue their paper Preparing For The Future Of Artificial Intelligence.

Come and discuss your views with Paul, Mikhail, Jaafar, Hugh and Annie and more of the community in the forums.


Tabitha ‘LetFlowersBloom’ Goldstaub

Ethics question for the day

Preparing For The Future Of Aritifical Intelligence – Executive Office of the President

Megan Smith U.S. Chief Technology Officer and John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy present this contribution toward preparing the United States for a future in which AI plays a growing role, this report surveys the current state of AI, its existing and potential applications, and the questions that are raised for society and public policy by progress in AI. The report also makes recommendations for specific further actions by Federal agencies and other actors. A companion document lays out a strategic plan for Federally-funded research and development in AI. Additionally, in the coming months, the Administration will release a follow-on report exploring in greater depth the effect of AI-driven automation on jobs and the economy.

In addition, this conversation Obama had with Joi at the end of August is a beautiful read along side the report. He describes how he sees the role of regulatory structure as AI emerges. My paraphrasing not as good as the Wired article but for those of you skimming:

At first “let a thousand flowers bloom” then “government needs to be involved” but “not always to force the new technology into the square peg that exists but to make sure the regulations reflect a broad base set of values.”

Pure, unadulterated research

Can Virtual Worlds Replace Human-Generated
Annotations for Real World Tasks?

These researchers use data from video game GTAV to train a model for object identification using neural networks and the model performed promisingly for real world test data. An incredibly important result which opens the possibility of using training data from simulated worlds.

Google present a form of memory-augmented neural network called a differentiable neural computer
In this article, Deepmind explain the evolution of memory “Today, our metaphors for memory have been refined. We no longer think of memory as a wax tablet but as a reconstructive process, whereby experiences are reassembled from their constituent parts”

In a recent paper, you can see here they showed how neural networks and memory systems can be combined to make learning machines that can store knowledge quickly and reason about it flexibly.

They call the model the differentiable neural computer (DNC), and show how they can can learn from examples like neural networks, but they can also store complex data like computers.

Education, training and advice we rate

The open guide to AWS on GitHub
A lot of information on AWS is already written. Most people learn AWS by reading a blog or a “getting started guide” and referring to the standard AWS references. Nonetheless, believes “trustworthy and practical information and recommendations aren’t easy to come by. AWS’s own documentation is a great but sprawling resource few have time to read fully, and it doesn’t include anything but official facts, so omits experiences of engineers. The information in blogs or Stack Overflow is also not consistently up to date.” and so they put this awesome guide together. Hope it helps.

Deep learning key terms explained

Get prepped for the CognitionX Deep Learning Meetup at Big Data London by reading KD Nuggets quick guide

Data Visualisation

How to tell the right story with your data

This article takes a look at how humans perceive graphical representations of data. Some important considerations for communicating ideas through data.


Man spends 11 hours debugging Wi-Fi kettle
This is a beautiful story of Mark Rittman, a data specialist who lives in Hove, England, as he set about trying to make a cup of tea using his Wi-Fi enabled kettle.

Comic to share with the techies in your life

This comic was developed by the Toggl Goon Squad, the self professed “best damn time tracking tool in the world.” It made us giggle. Go check out the rest of the story

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