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CognitionX’s mission is to bring clarity to the fast paced, complex world of AI.

What are vendors like you asking us?

What is the current focus of buyer interest in your target industries?

Who are your new competitors and what are their offerings?

How have the offerings of your established competitors changed?

What kind of intelligence do you need?

Pro Research: £995/month

  • Users get 4 hours analyst time included per month
  • Extra hours can be purchased*
  • Access to premium content
  • One personal introduction per month

On-demand research: £350/month

  • Get access to our research team.
  • Analyst time used is paid by the hour
  • Access to premium content

Content subscripton: £250/month

  • For non-members
  • Get access to all premium content from the CogX events series: session footage and insight reports

Why work with us? We are:

Current: Our database of all things AI is updated weekly, as opposed to the annual updates carried out by traditional firms like Gartner.

Independent: We’re trusted by customers and don’t take fees for listings

Granular: We don’t just track companies, but focus on their individual products and assess their traction on the market.

What kind of research do our members ask for?

See some of our most popular research / workshop requests below:

Most popular research reports from the research desk

  • AI overview across technologies and industries
  • AI adoption in this industry by use case
  • Vendor list by industry use case
  • Public ROI and case studies by industry use case

AI roadmap workshop

  • Where should we do AI projects across our value chain?
  • Where has AI been adopted in our industry – in what use cases?
  • Potential first use cases in our company: generate list
  • Apply first use case filter: potential project payoff; is data available?; is there internal willingness to undertake first project in this department?

Vendor selection workshop

  • Who are the potential vendors for this use case (data from CX)
  • What are our vendor selection criteria for this project?
  • Who gets through to the shortlist?
  • What questions should we ask soort vendors?

Become a Founder Member

By becoming a founder member, you will be invited to join the annual founder members meeting to input on the overall direction of CognitionX and CogX, and connect with others in the founder community.

How it works

Each subscription is paid annually. Access to our ‘Pro’ & ‘On-demand’ subscriptions requires a Corporate Membership: £1,000/month.

Extra analyst time can be purchased at £250-£500 per hour

Which kind of AI market research would be useful to you?
Understanding how AI is impacting your industryLearning how AI is being adopted in your industryDeeper understanding of available AI services and vendorsUnderstand industry best practiceBuild vs. Buy analysisKeeping up to date with new developments relevant to youPriority access to AI events and conferencesWorkshop facilitation with industry expertsOther

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