Microsoft to solve cancer within 10 years Issue 52: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing


One messenger to rule them all? Allo Allo, today Google has launched its new messaging app, Google Allo, for Android and iOS.

The rollout started today, although it may take a day for it to make its way to the UK. In todays briefing you can read a lovely article on the making of Allo.


Tabitha ‘AlloFromTheOtherSide’ Goldstaub

Something to get involved in

CognitionX Meetup Tonight

This evenings meetup is perfect for companies looking to use ML to gain insights about their customers and improve marketing. We have the founders of Codec, GrowthIntel, Fresh8 & Digital Dandelion sharing their experience and advice. Do come along!



Microsoft wants to solve cancer within 10 years

Microsoft just announced that they will solve cancer within a decade by using computer science to crack the code of diseased cells, so they can be reprogrammed back to a healthy state.

“We can use methods that we’ve developed for programming computers to program biology, and then unlock even more applications and even better treatments,”


ML can diagnose Alzheimer with 81% accuracy from five minutes of speech

Winterlight Labs, a spinoff from the University of Toronto, is using natural language processing and machine learning to identify people with Alzheimer’s disease. Every year 236,000 people in the US are diagnosed with Alzheimer. The current method of identifying the disease can take up to 5 visits and cost over $8,000. Winterlight estimates that their technology could save companies $32 million.


Education, training and advice we rate

Pirates Guide to R

Nathaniel Phillips has created a video tutorial YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R which will explain to you the basics of R.


Walkthrough random forest classifier

GitHub user jfrazelle created a great walkthrough that explains you Random Forest classifiers, which can be used to improve the predictive accuracy and control over-fitting.


Feed your mind over lunch

Inside the making of Allo

Google just released Allo, their version of WhatsApp and Messenger. It includes photos, emojis, stickers and a personal Google Assistant. The assistant can help you schedule meetings and answer your questions.


Ethics question for the day

Is AI really an existential risk?

Alot of people think AI could impose an existential threat to humanity. In order to get a more accurate assessment of the opinion of leading researchers in the field of AI, the article examined the Fellows of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. According to 92.5% of the respondents superintelligence is beyond the foreseeable horizon.


Coding experiments

Predicting the US presidential election

Read through the application of probability theory for estimating the outcome of the presidential election in the US. According to the predictions, no candidate will pass the 270 electors threshold and the next US president and vice president will be chosen by Congress.

Tweet ML competition is a hedge fund built by a global community of anonymous data scientists. They have a weekly competition that is used to source predictions which are used to make trades. A new data set is released each week and the competition resets. Jim Fleming was placed #38 and explains his way of solving the problem of the competition.


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