Roundtable Discussion: Unique Applications of AI Products to solve HR Challenges

Written by Megan Marie Butler

Today we had an interesting mix of HR professionals, AI-powered solutions for HR and thought leaders in the area of AI for HR together to discuss the unique applications of AI to solve HR challenges.

We started with two presentations AI tools. This included Alex Cresswell, MD EMEA from Pymetrics focusing on the potential for AI within internal mobility, as well as Chris Chesterman and Kate Lafferty from Qlearsite who demonstrated how their product addressed issues of inclusion in an organisation.

Alex demonstrated how their use of gamification can reduce bias and help employees identify roles and opportunities in their organisation that they may have never considered before. Though still in the testing phase, Alex reported that the application of Pymetrics for internal mobility had success with 65% of employees discovering career paths they did not know about or didn’t consider previously.

Chris and Kate demonstrated how their product is able to use natural language processing (NLP), a form of AI, to help analyse written responses from employees. With the use of advanced analytics, the responses are used to understand what challenges specific groups are having within an organisation and what actionable steps can be taken to engage those employees.

The presentations set the stage for a lively discussion surrounding several interesting topics:

1) How are high performers identified and do organisations know what their high performers look like? For some organisations, this can be very easy – but for others, this is a challenge.

2) Internal acceptance or resistance to the use of AI-powered solutions, which included anecdotal comments from experienced vendors on the application of their technology in businesses.

3) How those looking to build a business case for applying AI-powered solutions in their organisations need to be provided with clear information about the product and shown data that proves the applications has the potential for success.

4) What stage the market is in and how to support adoption of new technology in general, especially AI-powered solutions.

5) A very informative discussion about what the Government can do to support the adoption of AI-powered solutions.

6) Do you need big data to implement AI?

Our next Roundtable will take a look behind the curtain at two AI-powered solutions within psychology and what data is needed to drive them.


Written by Megan Marie Butler

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