Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 Issue 72: CognitionX Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Briefing

Good ole Gartner confirm that machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science will be among the top new technologies shaping business trends through 2017 and beyond.


Tabitha UntilTheBotsTakeOver Goldstaub

Ethics Questions Of The Day
Making Humans Cool Again

Watch Paul English’s vision of pairing AI and human expertise has much to teach us about how to do business in the future.

Pure Unadulterated Research
First demonstration of brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

One of the considerations when building a system to mimic the human brain are hardware limitations. Well, researchers at the University of Southampton think they have begun to overcome this by demonstrating how memristors can be used a effective artificial synapses

Are Neurons the best way to know what we coded?

Researchers at the University of Wyoming have developed a novel method of uncovering the features coded for by individual neurons in an artificial neural network

Chatbots yadda yadda yadda
“Alexa please read me the Telegraph”

The Daily Telegraph is the first print publication to launch an app for the Amazon Echo. At command Alexa will read you the headlines of any section, as well as longer articles of up to 1,600 words. Melinda Rogers, test is about trying to understand early on how people want to get their news in the connected home.

Something To Get Involved In
Win $1.2 by entering the Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge

National Institute of Justice in the US have issued a challenge. The goal is to develop algorithms that advance place-based crime forecasting through the use of data from one police jurisdiction.

Education, Advice and Training We Rate
4 Free Google data sets to kickstart machine learning

Info world, rates and collated links to: The Open Images Dataset, YouTube-8M Dataset, Google Books Ngrams, Google Trends Datastore

Not another Venn Diagram

Data science is a still rather badly defined field and since 2010 there have been many different people trying to explain what a Data Scientist is. David Taylor of Prooff Reader collates all the different industry venn diagrams to help guide us to a conclusion.

Business Impact of AI
Borrow up to $300k via Facebook Messenger

Canadian bank Think Capital have deployed an AI bot, called Lucy, that asks loan applicants qualification questions via Facebook Messenger

Are you being paid enough?

Glassdoor uses machine learning to tell users if they’re being paid fairly. After collecting user-submitted data on salaries for eight years, Glassdoor is taking the next step to push for workplace transparency — and ultimately to help close the wage gap.

Impact on the Economy
Stopping the social media paparazzi 

Privacy is a big concern in the current IoT society. Something as simple as wearing a badge could go some way to taking back control over what we share online. Maurice McGinley, design director at AVG Innovation Labs, explains to the Business Insider that their wearable badge links to software that could blur your face in unwanted social media photos.

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