Top trends to watch for 2018: AI in HR and Recruitment


CognitionX hosted an exciting roundtable at our headquarters on a snowy London day for HR professionals, AI in HR vendors, and HR Consultants. The discussion centred around the trends to watch in 2018 for all things Artificial Intelligence in HR and Recruitment.

Our guest speakers included Anton Fishman – MD, Fishman & Partners and James Bryce – Founder and CEO, Gweek. Anton outlined what has been happening in the sphere of AI in HR, focusing on the impact and the implications of implementing AI in HR.

James discussed the speech analytics product, Gweek, that has been developed into a personal communication training tool. The interesting aspect of the tool is that though it currently resides under the learning and development (L&D) umbrella, it has the potential to also provide insight during the recruitment process. Demonstrating the disruptive ability of AI solutions in the HR industry and cross-functional solutions that AI tools can provide.   


Here are the trends to watch for 2018 that were raised during the session:  


1) Implementation – How will HR departments implement programmes? Will HR implement packaged solutions or will add-on style solutions be used? What barriers are HR departments facing during the implementation process? What communication issues exist between IT departments/HR/decision makers? How do organisations integrate the information collected, making it useful throughout the employee life-cycle? For example, are insights gained during recruitment being used for development purposes once hired?

These topics led to an interesting discussion on GDPR, where our experts weighed in on the topic of data security and data ownership.


2) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – Who owns the data on employees? Should employees be able to keep their employee information (e.g. learning records) for future roles? How will GDPR affect this?

GDPR was a hot topic for discussion. A leading futurist discussed the potential impact of GDPR regarding an employee’s personal information being collected by organisations. He suggested that the transition from organisational data to employee data would change the way employees move from organisation to organisation. Data that resides with the employee and encompasses their entire working and education history.

This led to a discussion about the impact AI will have on the average person.


3) Employee-centric future – What will employees expect from organisations/HR departments? What approach should organisations take when developing their HR process?

Interestingly, the discussion led full-circle back to the questions regarding the implementation process.


Join us for our next round table discussion to find out more about All Thing AI in HR and Recruitment.

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