Do you have a developing, or developed, groundbreaking new data application or platform? Are you the leading vendor for a specific area in this explosion of data science solutions? Are you bored of the long sales cycles or frustrated by having to offer business consultancy services to clients, rather than just being able to focus on the unique technology you have created?

CognitionX is a platform and marketplace that provides problem solvers like yourselves access to some of the largest enterprises and most innovative startups, who are building data driven solutions to improve business performance.
We empower vendors with data solutions by offering:
  • Access to Clients: Use the platform to meet businesses looking for data driven solutions.
  • Events Platform: Our carefully curated events are a platform to promote your ideas and to tap into the data science community.
  • Find experts: Get connected to people in the community who have the skills you need to empower and develop your product.
  • Blog: If you’d like to share your research, thoughts, insights and new product launches please apply to become a blogger. Apply Here.
  • Directory: Add your products to the Directory, currently in Private Beta. Now it is the right time to ensure your solutions are added to the catalogue. Click to here to add an item to the directory

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