What’s the Future of HR?


Tonight CognitionX and HiBob hosted some HR experts to discuss AI’s impact on the industry.

Andy Bellass HiBobs CSO asked the audience to brainstorm what the future of HR might be. Here are some of the answers:

  • Students will go to work at a co-ordinate given by a machine and it’s will have predicted to be the perfect job for that person
  • There will be no universities
  • We will change careers whenever we want and not have to pick once
  • Everyone will be life long learners
  • Every person will work alongside a bot and it will have the knowledge and they will have the human problem solving skills
  • Human potential will really be revealed
  • There is no work
  • Any number of people working on a problem rather than one person for one job
  • Problems will be solved with diverse skills
  • Humans will be so de-skilled we won’t understand the decisions AI is making
  • Amazon does recruitment and when you pick your person…they say…people like you brought people like this…

Add yours in the comments or tweet at @hiBOBhr and @cognition_x


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